38 Replies to “Recycled Motor Oil Fence Stain / DIY / How to Make your own wood stain”

  1. How is this any worse for the environment then any oil based stain shit it's the same thing people our silly

  2. How u get away with using an actual song and not get copyrighted by the boobtubes?? Ive seen people get fined for accidently having a radio playinhg in the background

  3. There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing bud. The shit in the stains that are sold over the counter is far worse than Kero and motor oil. My family and families before mine have been doing this for generations. Good job.

  4. I was in the used oil collection business for 25 years. I seen used oil used in many different ways. We used to oil dirt road with it and I’ve had farmers get it to put on animals like pigs to kill whatever. ( I forgot) but the put on animals. I wonder how transmission fluid would do mixed with oil. Diesel oil would probably do better because it’s a lot darker than regular motor oil.

  5. As far as good or bad for the environment the average amount of oil dripping from trucks and cars every day on to the ground , roads and parking lots is said to be equal to the Valdez ship oil spill. That's one super tanker of oil on the ground every day. So your little bid will not hurt a thing.

  6. I'm concerned about the environment as well but the alternative is wood treated with copper-arsenic… Use care when applying and it can't be worse than copper-arsenic.

  7. I reckon hydraulic oil makes a beautiful red tinted waterproof stain. My friend put it on a out building. He said it was beautiful.

  8. Timber posts tend to rot from the bottom up, so if you were constructing a fence and had the time dumping each post into an old tub or plastic buckets, 3 at a time for 48 hours will yield benefits.Adding go faster stripes is not guaranteed to speed things up ,lol

  9. An easy way to pressurize the sprayer; Take a air fill valve stem from a car or truck wheel and install it near the top of the sprayer. you only need to drill one hole and pull the valve stem through it. Be sure that your sprayer has a pressure relief valve. Most sprayers can handle at least 30 to 40 lbs of pressure from an air compressor. Your pressure relief valve should open when you reach the limit.

  10. Lowes and home depot fence stain and sealant is also terrible for the environment. Oil and diesel works better you don't have to back roll it.

  11. I used this method in my hallways and living room. Sure we pass out every now and then, but it looks stunning.

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