31 Replies to “Recycling Milk Jugs into Fencing”

  1. The truth about recycling has now come out. City after city is getting away from recycling because it does not work. It has proven grossly inefficient and is not cost effective. The only recycling that actually works is metal. That is why junkets have always made a profit. The rest, paper, plastic,etc is wasting more money that it earns—huge failure

  2. Great, the sagging issues might be changed by shape,
    It's a product, many people suddenly complain when people fond actual products
    We can't escape plastic, People love that blue bin but don't sort well
    The recycling is exported you say Asia polluted the ocean? Your garbage is why cubes of poorly sorted plastic are not a product
    But the guys here are doing good.
    Make siding, moulding, pressed facade parts,
    I love these video
    Keep doing what you do

  3. That must be the slowest way to grind up bottles ever. Did they have to hire a certain number of people or something? Why not build a big funnel and dump the bottles in instead of feeding them 1 at a time?

  4. Wonderful were is this available I would love this it looks like it will last longer than wood. Price ?

  5. wow that is awesome to bad you not in Canada would love to see it done here but I know the gas and oil companies that are here will make sure that this would not be in Canada they are there to sell their new plastic not to take used and make a pro deck useful again

  6. That fencing material would just buckle and bend under pressure from a person or an animal. It doesn't look too sturdy.

  7. Ea post, I'm sure, is more costly than wood. It's cheaper to grind glass than to wash and sterilize bottle for reuse. Nut case Ocasio will probably shut you down.

  8. Cost of transporting ten thousand jugs, grinding, sucking, heating, extruding…. for each post heck they are only a hundred dollars a post… hmmmm…

  9. wonder how it holds up to extreme heat – being plastic you'd think it would have a tendency to sag with the long sections.

  10. This is awesome, BUT how much are they going to charge for this when they don't or didn't pay for most of the equipment and surely not the jugs!!!??? It shouldn't be much at all but I would bet it'll be a lot!!!

  11. am i the only one worried about that old guy sticking his hand into the hopper of the shredding machine? osha would be horrified.

  12. Great video, but they really need several guys feeding the system. At the speed they manufacture the must be turning over $70 a day 🥴 More in – more out 👍

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