Red Carpet Wilhelmina Update! | Brown Dust

Red Carpet Wilhelmina Update! | Brown Dust

Wow look at this look at this there's this guy right here I don't know why I'm hanging out in channel 3 but there's this guy which one is it is it this one no no this mikaru not no not him this guy right here all right so will help me not costume look at this right here I don't think he even owns a Wilhelmina there's no Wilhelmina there's an Alec plus zero Lowell like not using Wilhelmina so no real harm in our right here if this user has been having I hear what they have been using her so yeah like that's that's a some awesome dedication right there to purchase Wilhelmina's costume without even owning her [Applause] hooray maintenance complete all right so what's new here basically we have three new mercenaries Horan tailors and Jaden so these are tree stars so if you want to pull them you just pull any of the packages right now you should be able to get them easily three stars right and then new tons of even I'm going to check that out so this new costume Wilhelmina's red carpet and the four stars cute peace mission so this 4 stars cute peace mission definitely very useful basically get gold defeat campaign and Marines all right so these are all easy things to get so make sure to keep doing this make sure to collect as many four star skill books as you can so they are quite precious quite valuable let's claim this first out of the way look at that free rewards from Ark star is getting the three diamonds ancient coins some Jaclyn's pieces more diamonds do not neglect the world boss I know love beginners some of you guys watching are beginners I know it lots of beginners neglect world boss they just like ah I don't care about it the amount of diamonds you get every day stacked up throughout the month is insane okay so do not ignore it completely try your best focus on arena focus on campaign evil castle but try to also focus on world boss as well okay costumes so basically you can purchase the costume if you hit over to the costume shop and you look at this red carpet Wilhelmina so combat image she looks like that this is her illustration very cool is actually really wow just wow this is like probably one of the best costumes they have done in a while she looks awesome right here but not a big fan of the ilis at the combat image the illustration is cool I like how the sword is like staying there at the side and she is holding a glass of wine but there's no wine inside is just empty with some eyes it looks like yeah very cool that was the package all about okay so you can buy the package the 14 days left you can collect some diamonds if you need to apparently you get five hundred times four horseshoes that's two thousand in total of fifteen thousand mystic dusts ten premium Scrolls and the red carpet costume now is it worth it is it worth buying ideally yes if you want to buy a costume this is based on my experience render by costume buy it now if you buy later you stick and buy the costume alone but it's going to cost $1,200 so 1 point 2 K was just – okay you're getting like so much more for the difference of eight hundred diamonds you're getting two thousand horse shoes right here ten premium scrolls and mystic does definitely worth it all right so 800 diamonds for getting all these three extra things definitely worth it so if you want to buy it buy it now unless you really like have limited amount of diamonds you're trying to save as much as you can like horseshoes is just like you can use it for a lot of things coming campaign runes goal slimes whatever you want in the event unguents as well so mystic does I guess we could always use more symbols for premium Scrolls I don't see why you wouldn't want it so I'm going to purchase this let's go ahead use her in the current whatever event that we have okay so I'm gonna claim that mystic does 15,000 I'm gonna claim that costume there we go special costume very special indeed okay so for star anniversary this is from the reward I got a char okay okay I'll take it I'll take our I guess alright so let's go ahead and equip it I'm gonna go hit warrior Wilhelmina here she is costume costume alright so we're gonna go it hmm I'm gonna go with this go with this alright gonna equip that let's have a look let's try out sometimes they include new animations as well oh yeah ideas what no runes out so now I'm using these epic plus rich ruins 110 percent crit damage not that high to be honest obviously if you have legend plus it can go 150 200 60% but this is good enough it's good enough for her she doesn't need that much crit damage it's kind of overkill at that point but it does keep on this edgy as well alright so we're gonna do some guild wars with the new costume so let's jump into a couple of battles okay so there's this kin based on what I'm seeing very interesting formation right here so this is from of course I can't pronounce a name but very interesting formation because a bunch of hunters right here we have Walia is a plus one but we have a seer at plus ten do morrowind plus ten like this so one two three four tones like this is going to be like extremely difficult to fight against if you don't perform the calculation correctly so I'm gonna go in and try and see if I can set up something against this guy alright so what I'm seeing now I'm guessing is livia and then while they are to sear it looks like that's the one that makes the most sense so not much warriors I'm not doing of that so I will have my lucius hopefully just blocking that path from Velva and leave yours but for the time being I just have to focus on getting rid of everyone else we have ser to worry about we have warrior we have do Marin we have a lack Lee's so I'm going to send in my asthma to hopefully take care of do Marin for me so that will in turn remove both do Marin and Rafi Jia and then maybe I will bring in my Wilhelmina so my new Wilhelmina with a new costume alright so hopefully she will take care of sir if I calculate correctly one two three four five six seven eight the ton will still be going on yeah the tone was still last the tone can last pretty long so I will have that as a precaution hopefully I have enough warriors I do have Cecilia right here to protect against Rafi now who is going to come in like just exploding on me so just Rafi novella and Livia that's the only damage dealers I have to worry about fortunately so let's go I'm going to see if my strategy works hopefully I'm correct hopefully everything went well and hopefully Wilhelmina can take care of stare for me okay they're hitting me no problem Teutons after worry about go asthma alright so Wilhelmina did take care of that they're roughly not jumping in okay we got rid of blacklist that was awesome that was truly awesome now I have the the as mode to worry about I mean not as much well fern what am I talking about okay Rafi Nadi one hit ko I mean to hit ko my Cecilia so at this point onwards I think I'm pretty safe oh the removal of the energy guard oh oh oh oh I survived no buffs fortunately leave yourself like that okay no buff Rufina shouldn't be afraid of her Gigi we won there goes the new Wilhelmina helping me out getting the points man and getting them points this looks like a cool one to fight against actually there is like look at this it's just a bunch of bombs a bunch of counter with foxy Jean charcoal just countering away to taunts there and awesome name like Lee's and we are very off this is no ordinary barrier if you have fought a belly off plus 3 you know the power of a support but at plus 9 she just gets like insane right she's going to be extremely tanky extremely hard to read off so let's see if I can actually do this actually beat her okay so from what I'm seeing I'm gonna bring in my Livia for sure so now based on what if I assume correctly its belly off to charcoal surest to asthma asthma to ser right so which is why I have the grace taunt nullifier all right and whoever who is moving next it doesn't really matter so a smut foxy charcoal G and hopefully my Arkin can hang on in there hopefully without like getting destroyed completely I really hope that he can take as much damage as he can while my ass boat slowly clears away I'm not sure if as much my asthma can rid of this +9 belly off it's not going to be easy I don't think I can but yeah I'm gonna try and then I have Dewayne going in in case nothing happens I just want to see results so sorry Bo two vows that's to hit the first front line so let's go hopefully the strategy works who know Russ let's go let's go all right so one two three oh no oh yeah my surest did not die all right that was fortunate I thought my Suresh was gonna die from the s-1 and I screwed up real hot all right I did screw up real hot right there I did screw up real hot right there I did not I guess my assumption oh my god a child kill the child girl okay everyone's damage is just insane as much please remove all the skeletons they are very scary thank you remove two more wait what what is that what does happen what just happened right there I cannot accept that my grace just died okay okay all right Oh sorrow PR you have to die too way I guess it's a good things I regret like that so the turn thing well basically last longer can I get two stars at least doesn't look like I can get a tree because too many kills around okay that was unfortunate it's a tricky formation to fight against but damn that went pretty there was a bit of prediction off the reason why I put my brand first is because I thought that that belly-up is going to be extremely tanky to read off with asthma apparently as mode has no problem in getting rid of the buildup instantly I was extremely surprised with that so I should have moved boss first I guess alright so next formation should I go for 10 mighty Ram ok another failure formation cool and then we have this this is another belly up for what everyone has barely up now what is happening another belly oh okay we should belly up do I fight again let me think ok so looks like I'm going to fight against this formation from mighty Ram this is a very unique defensive formation I'm have a feeling is livia to leave your to Billy off to suck on a second – I know who's next but zircon is going first so I will have my estimate hopefully removing zircon entirely this angeleka's +6 very scary to fight against but if everything goes well if everything goes well I should have my money and should be able to get rid of Sigmund as well a Sigmund is too tanky among all of this so that's my only concern 61 percent defense 6.18 khp 6.1 alright let's go let's give it a shot hopefully I can do this all right uh-huh Zarkon hit okay so I have okay I'm not going to finish that tone right fortunately not I do not need to village that we what okay that was off from what was supposed to happen that was awful what happened to the skeletons how comes I can didn't produce a skeleton I'm a little bit back foot right there like just what just happened what just happened ah I'm extremely confused why belly off buffs are cut Oh sockin cannot receive buff okay so ii cannot receive buff apparently okay so i almost forgot about that charcoal is the one that can receive buffs which is why that did not work and my wishes just died unfortunate man okay i fell for the trick i thought ii could be buff and I thought I was prepared for these skeletons that was going to be like ready there after dark and I which is why I feel my LeeAnn right there but I've completely forgotten that ah ah then alright so for those of you who don't know basically only charcoal can receive boss zotkin cannot receive buff you can easily check it right here I just to show it to you guys in case you guys are unclear why so that comes this skill exception can receive buff still type except immunity alright so Chuck on the other hand can so it's a little bit of a that's the difference right there all right guys unfortunately one perfect win one perfect green $2 wins I guess we'll have to live with that okay so I'm gonna end it here let me know what you guys think of the new red carpet Wilhelmina's costume is definitely awesome let's see if I can swapped it right here there should be a wilhelmina option for me good shoes there we go there we go alright what do you guys think of the new costume are you guys purchasing it if you are let me know in the comments below if you haven't already subscribe give this video a like have a nice day good bye [Applause]

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  1. Hey, let's face it. We play Brown Dust because of the artstyle. We only then start getting a little more invested after we realize that the gameplay is alright, but top priority is waifus. That aside, I'm just trying to figure out whether to go for Anastasia or Lilian with my mileage. I could use a roadblock, and a good warrior to replace Gunther/Leto.

  2. Saw wil costume… busted a nut

    Bought wil costume… busted a nut

    Looked at merc inventory… no wil… cried… nutted and happy

    Worth It!!!

  3. I have Wilhelmina.. but don't use her yet cause +0.. definitely buying the costume I just need the diamonds :< …. its champagne not wine in her glass.

  4. I have Wil! But I don’t use her cus my squad works well without her. I have ever 5 star except for the legendary octos. 🙁 hey anyone looking for a guild join CloverKingdom! Btw love you Guitar! Keep up the work!

  5. Gonna buy it after the package is over. Looking at her combat image, what does her waist even look like?

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