Red Dead Redemption 2 | Funny Horse Riding Fails Compilation

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Funny Horse Riding Fails Compilation

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  1. I named my horse skullcrusher at first because he crushes the skulls of his enemies.. but then, after a while his name took a different meaning. Mostly because the only damn skull he was crushing was his own lmao

  2. I hate this horse, it always throws me off at the worst moment, always runs into walls and never goes where I want it. Last time I had an encounter where I had to carry a man to the Saint Denis Doctor, well I thought it was bad enough that it never goes in a straight line but here he just ran off the damn road and smashed into a tree and died and guess what I failed the encounter and guess what also? You don't restart where you left off so I didn't remember where I got the encounter and I never found it again.

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  4. After you jump from your horse to take over and enemy's one, can you accelerate and whistle for yours to follow, then jump back to it?

  5. horses are so fucking shit omg this fucking shit game is good but the horses are so fucking annoying and dumb omg my stupid horse im just so angry i need to express it fuck that GAMEEZQDQ

  6. I seriously don't believe the horses running into trains and buildings is a glitch, because at level 3 you get skid stops. My horse always stops in cinematic mode when there's a train, then continues on his own when it passes.

  7. Lol this game can go bad soooo fast…. Out for a nice ride.. Run over someones chicken get shot at defend yourself and all of a sudden you've killed 6 cops and robbed a bank.

  8. 2:57 The fact that Arthur and the horse loudly bumdped onto the barn wall and because of that their bonding increased
    .. they both must be a "masochist "😂😂😂😂

  9. 2:15 I love how realistic that was when you tackle him but the horse moves and pushes both of you, just the details make the game awesome asf 10/10

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