Red Dead Redemption: How to play Horseshoes

Red Dead Redemption: How to play Horseshoes

hello youtuber or seeking mangaka I'm bringing you another Red Dead Redemption minigame video this one's on horseshoes I actually had a person comment on in my baller twin scrap video he is having trouble getting horseshoe game building I can't member his name right now I apologize so I decided throwing up horseshoes we got all kind Noah closest horseshoe to the pole wins you get ringers for each horseshoe that is closest to the pole all you get one point if you get a ringer it's worth three points so that's kind of the object so I just kind of like right here what we want to do first when you step up is to aim using l2 kind of want to Center the pole right in the middle kind of keep it just a little off your finger and then what I like to do is move the right analog stick back and forth three times kind of see the momentum and then you want to release it right when it's about brain fish and you don't want to throw it by the center when it's at the center bar if you do that if you do that it will usually like go over it what you want to do is just be barely under that white little um what is that a DAP white – I'll say on that radar if you go if you hit the first one the black one it's too short if you hit the other marker marker whatever if you hit the black marker that's above the white marker it'll go too far I'm just gonna take little snippets out here I think right here that's where I get a ringer but yeah horseshoes it can be kind of inconsistent link right there I was barely under the white marker and it gave me a ring and I'm like cool dude cool let's see if I get the same result right here though I was just a little bit under and I was sure a sort of two ringers I've been awesomeness but four points because I had the ringer and also the closest horseshoe compared to my opponent and now it's first to eleven horseshoe eyes gaming had two 1×2 and I just got more video cuz this guy he just whips me like five times on her own he captures up pretty quick but this is my last toss again you'd line it up give a couple swings try to get it right below that white marker I think right there was a bit too low but it was close enough because I was the winning point right there I think with the horseshoe it's like the closest point I don't think it's the farthest part back of the horseshoe it's like the closest to it all right there you see I think I might have went dead on the marker and it totally just cleared the pole entirely thank you guys for watching this video I know it's incredibly short but hopefully this helps you someone the horseshoe is just keep practicing at it and hope you have a big wallet we'll see you later

35 Replies to “Red Dead Redemption: How to play Horseshoes”

  1. Horse shoes game is horse shit. Either too low or too high. Even when I get the "perfect" timing I'm still off

  2. A very underrated mini-game but it wasn't a mass appeal quality with the Red Dead community and I understand if Rockstar didn't feature it in Red Dead Redemption 2. Luckily we've got DOMINOES!!

  3. TY Suh! This was annoying the hell out of me. One of my very few hates of this game. If it wasn't a challenge I would never play this mini game.

  4. It only took you 2 minutes to explain how this works a million times better than the game did. Thanks a lot.

  5. I fucking press rt and it doesn't release it it only releases it when the stupid fucking thing is yellow

  6. Thanks for keeping it short. Always looking for intuitive videos from better gamers but can really do without someone's 8 minutes of "blah blah". Short and to the point will net subs.

  7. finally won a game, thanks for the tip about releasing just below the white line. usually gets me within 12 inches of the post.

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