Refugees break through newly-built border fence in Hungary

Refugees break through newly-built border fence in Hungary

This footage shows the moment a refugee
family run from Hungarian border officials after they cut a hole in the
Hungarian Syrian border fence. The Hungarian government built the 109
mile-long fence to keep out refugees and migrants trying to reach the EU. As thousands of refugees arrive in Hungary every day fleeing their war torn nations,
the Hungarian government is struggling to contain them In an attempt to ease
the flow of refugees into the country this fence was erected however the
government is now rushing to finish it and recently called on prisoners under
the watchful eye of prison guards to complete the construction of the fence. Some 350 Hungarian inmates are working along the full length of the border. Prime Minister Viktor Orban who has taken a tough stance on refugees coming
to the EU hopes to have the fence fully completed by next month

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  1. Hungary is a racist ass country, there was a video of female journalist tripping an old man carrying a toddler. She was found later to have connections with neo-nazis

  2. A wall is just meant to slow invaders down so that soldiers in outposts can pick them off. I see no outposts so this fence is meaningless.

  3. So until a few days ago, anyone could just walk back and forth in and out of Hungary, no passport, nothing. Cameron, get us out of this fucking EU as quickly as possible! It's clearly a Titanic going down and the UK will be dragged down with it unless we cut loose now.

  4. Make it 30 metres high, fire spitting, universe bending super ultra hardened steel wall.. that chases people when they get close.

  5. 0:07 Hungarian-Syrian border, I heard? The distance between the blasted countries is over 1400 miles! What is she talking about?

  6. This gives the right to the Hungarians to start shooting, and yet none of them did.  Yet you hear people bitching and complaining about Hungry being mean to the refugees.

  7. Life in this world has become very grim. The thing is though, I don't think it was so much better before now… I'm sure horrible things have always been going on here on Earth, but today the Internet & TV brings it to us in full HD living color. Very distressing, but we still have to go to work, take care of the kids, pay the bills and just get on with life in spite of everything. The refugees, the war, the secretive military, rumors of the apocalypse, rumors of impending asteroid destruction of the Earth & everything else has to be remembered, perhaps prayed for, but we have to stay in this moment in our own lives and life goes on. You can make the world a little better by loving & kindness to those in your little section. Just think if everyone did that! Life DOES go on after all…

  8. Why do Americans showing a uncontrollable obsession with a personal Hate and Violence against they own citizens? This video shows James Blake laid back waiting? Then out of noway been attacked by a mental guy who looks like he was off his head on crack.oh that professional police officer!! Haha was a lucky guy because he could of had his head kicked in by the guys and girls who witness the

    hungarians this idea of miles long tall fence is a genius plan it's so hilarious i can imagine the prisons will be adding secret doors in to the fence to charge the refuges to enter Hungary hahaha

  9. The EU are FORCING European Countries to accept Unlimited Islamic Invasion!!!
    The EU LIES – Immigrants and Insurgents are NOT refugees!!!


  10. +Jugiter Dominatus
    You should take your own advice, and get a hearing aid while you're at it… the guys in jumpsuits are hungarian prison inmates not refugees.

  11. Damascus was one of the nicest cities in the Middle East, and Syria was a good place to live, but everything changed after so called "civil war". Maybe ODN shoulddo more investigations on who should be responsible for supporting rebels, so called "freedom fighters" and cause the situation in the region to quickly escalate, who is still trying to get rid of Assad regime, which is the leading force in fighting ISIS.

    I guess ODN doesn't have the guts do, all you do is re-posting videos from other sources and telling the lies that mainstream media have been telling us for 4 years, 24/7

  12. I'm Asian studying in Hungary. Hungary is not like Germany, they have limited resources Hungarian struggle themselves and i dont think they have spare resource for thousand refugees. My Hungarian friend also plan to leave the country to Germany. I know this is immoral but please understand for Hungarian!

  13. They have destroyed their own countries, and now they come to Europe and will be doing the same here. I would be ok with them if they were educated, non religious, willing to work and help Europeans to raise the HDI, GDP indexes and would not induce any conflicts here. But the reality is that the only thing they leave behind them is filth, poverty, war and diseases. Sweden lets in a lot of refugees and the result they have now is the worsening situation in certain city districts, there are no go zones for police, ambulances and firefighters, Sweden is seeing an ever increasing number of riots not only between refugees and Swedes, but also between the refugees themselves. If they fight with each other, if they destroy their countries, why should they have a right to come to Europe and live here?

  14. Europes collapse is near!!! Stop Islamic in Europe!! Saudi Arabia want to build 250 Mosques in Germany for Syrians!! REFUGEES GO HOME!! You bring only the War here!!

  15. Hunt them, cuff them, feed them and send them back. Since they entered safe countries before they came to Hungary they are not refugees anymore.

  16. Well done Hungary. Dont give into their demands or blackmail with food and water.
    Sent them back if they try to cross the fence or arrest them.

  17. I think prisoner are more trust able than these refugees. May be they help to stop migrants to enter in border with co operation with police.

  18. 80% of muslims are on welfare in germany, despite decades of plenty of jobs, free education, housing etc. They want free housing because their lazy relatives tell them its free, plus $ for each feral child.
    78% of all rapes in Sweden is carried out by muslim men who only make up 2% of the population.
    1 billion muslims respect ISIL & want sharia law imposed across the globe. In USA & UK muslims demand christian schools provide prayer rooms & all christian symbols to be removed.
    2000 mosques in UK alone, many blaring their call to prayer over loud speakers.

    Many areas in Uk & EU are now under islamic control where sharia is imposed, no gays allowed, & all women must be fully clothed, etc etc

    Left wing loonies (ie sociopaths) have never grown out of their childish dreams & ideologies, they think holding hands & singing kumbaya with ISIL rapists & murderers will solve everything…

    The only good thing if Islam takes over is that they will kill the lefties & academics 1st, just like teh communist russians & chinese did.


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