49 Replies to “Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery.”

  1. To all those launching buzz kill at Lars, I'll say this: In any critical situation, I'd rather have him on my side than any 3 Olympian archers.

  2. Why isn't this guy in a movie?
    He'd have already defeated all of his antagonists in a small fraction of the time a movie would run for

  3. While its impressive, a fully automatic weapons can do 600 rounds a minute. Your enemy will not wait for your 180 arrows per min.

  4. Comparing his speed is a joke lol he’s not even doing full draw. If a hunter tried shooting like the the animal will be long gone once your first arrow deflects. Modern hunters will use bows 8 times stronger and will actually draw the bow to full draw.

  5. i'm not much slower than DasDaan i use iza metode. and im a noob this shows that DasDaan method is very slow. I shoot 10 arrows in 37 seconds

  6. Arguing the bow has less power is the same argument used to say an old .30-06 rifle is more effective than an AR15.
    Voted down by those jealous as fk they can’t do it!
    Good work by Lars!

  7. He is superb but his problem is that he is trying to prove that he is better than the others when he doesnt need to.

  8. Lars what is your technique called i would like to start learning, also for a begginer what style of traditional bow and ,waight would you recommend??

  9. 99 ranged, meanwhile people who pay to stand outside and line up a shot for 20 minutes be like "that's not real archery" "real archery is shit like us" like get over it even if you are elitist, you just have to straight up understand; this man is better than you are, your entire guild, or will ever hope to become at archery. yes his bow is light, it's a shortbow. this guy is 3rd age range tier. the only reason any archers are mad here, is because what lars does, fundamentally devalues your existence and craft so much, that he makes you all look like you've been doing it wrong for thousands of years

  10. Yes he is gast but he don't takes his arrows out of the cooker and the elf guy is taking almost every New arrow he shoot out of the cooker and is still 1 arrow slower you need to time how fast he is if he takes every arrow out of the cooker

  11. i find it impressive. i am a barebow re-curve shooter and focus solely on accuracy but at the same time understand why techniques like this exist. they were war techniques and it is an art. hahaha it is so different then how i shoot. i shoot 3 arrows in about 1.5 minutes and shoot at something the size of a quarter i shoot 100 arrows a day . its just different shit like muzzeloaders are to assault rifles . different strokes for different folks. lol at 50 yrs old i wouldnt try to move that fast if my house was on fire 🙂

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