40 Replies to “Repair A Broken Fence Post FAST (EZ-Mender Fence Bracket)”

  1. Used your instructional and repaired two posts today. Took me a bit longer, but in the end very solid fence now. Really appreciate the advice. Thanks!!!

  2. I have 13 posts that have rotted out, some of them completely. I can put my hand under the post between the concrete and the post. It's gnarly.

  3. Horrible idea. Or great idea for the lazy. Just fix it the right way man. Fucking lazy stupid idea. Making yourself look cheap and dumb.

  4. I could have dug that post out, put a new one in and repaired the fenced by the time you started to screw the mender in 🤔 at the end of the day, its just a " bodge job"🤠

  5. OK, first, slap the guy that installed that fence in the first place. Why are the rails butt jointed? Who does that?

    Second, that solution will probably not last long – especially if the cement is fracturing, which it probably is.

    Third, that's just fugly.

    Fourth, I'm not convinced that this was EZ-ier than removing the original post

  6. I’m sorry but this seems like a bad idea. Why not use a FarmJack to pull out old post and put in new?

  7. Great video, just for everyone else wood is going to rot don’t matter what kind it is, 3 5/8 metal track can be used to fix all kinds of framing problems. I have 32 years of experience! Most people only have blisters on their asses!

  8. All that effort you could have been easier just to pull the post and put a new Post in new concrete there to go done. That's like a big pain in the ass. You should never hit a hammer on a hammer either.

  9. The posts were installed wrong from the get-go, that's why they rotted. Very amateur install. This repair won't last long in Florida where we have much rain and a high water table.

  10. really you need 'ear protection" for using a hammer.? you should have laid a small 2×4 across the top of piece of metal you were hitting and drove it in that way. it would have a lot easier that trying to hit that little spot on the side. and used a bigger sledge hammer. but that,s just me. i am a firm believer in work smarter,not harder.

  11. Shouldn’t hit a hammer with a hammer. Tempered steel shatters! I’ve heard of a guy having it explode and actually need to have shrapnel removed surgically.

  12. Recording this with your Bigfoot / UFO camera was not the wisest thing to do. Invest in camera that actually focuses.

  13. No thanks I'll break the concrete with a Makita demo hammer and replace the post. Any dummy that will follow this video is a total dummy that post wont last for another three years because it's already rotted

  14. I made these outa 3mm plate but exactly the same width as post about 30 Yr ago, they are still there today.

  15. For about $10 the price of the easy mender you could remove the post, replace with a chain link steel post and set with concrete. You would attach the existing panels using he steel fence wraps used with chain link.

  16. Last year I had four posts to replace. Estimate was $4,000 which I could not afford. My friend is like the many "just dig it out to do the REAL MAN's joB" commenters here so based on that I tried to do it the proper way. Well these concretes go 4 feet down and go about 9 inches out from the post in all direction. The earth around is hard packed with thick roots and rocks, I spent so much time and effort trying to dig it out but I didn't get even one concrete out. Even if I dug it out the hole would be expanded where I dug so how woud you pour and set the new post nicely in a gaping pit? I can't imagine a lever or hand jack would ever get these out where I live you would absolutely need a tractor or MAYBE some kind of power winch. JUST DIG IT OUT is what the contractors who want to charge $4,000 say who have this equipment. I ended up using galvanized steel brackets and heavy bolts and they are still standing

  17. I used a pair of these on a gate post. There was a lot of resistance the second half of the way in and much distortion of the metal, but they worked well and secured a heavy gate.

    One comment: hitting a sledge hammer head with another hammer could end badly if they both are hardened steel – one can drive off a chip that will fly like a bullet, striking ones face (or worse, privates) of course. Would ruin a good hammer, too.

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