12 Replies to “Repairing A Fence Using A Stretcher – Splicer”

  1. I was waiting to see your crimping tool. All you showed was before and after the crimp….and no tool.

  2. Why is the barb wire still loose? Wire still has kinks in it. When you are installing the clips why are you only twisting long end of the clip ? Why are you not rolling the short end around? Why are you giving advise on this when you are half assing everything ? Are you lazy and just do the minimum? Or are you just incompetent of fixing the fence correctly? This is a how to HALF ASS a repair. Pretty Mickey Mouse way to do it. And how could anyone take pride in that demonstration of a pathetic piss poor fence repair?

  3. Moved back to the ranch to run my grandparents cattle operation. Trying to remember all the things I learned on the farm as a kid. Thanks many times over for the video!

  4. Will keep my eyes open… TX is a great place to be !

    Most struggle with using pliers to do the clips, but this is MUCH easier and quicker.
    thanks for the comment

  5. Your videos are always so informative! Thanks for taking the time to make them for us!!! *wag, wag, wag…*

  6. My understanding is that there is a liability issue if someone gets hurt from hitting the rock… not sure though, and I would think that it might vary by state, etc…

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