11 Replies to “Replacing Privacy Fence – DIY”

  1. If you don't want to have a gap after the wood dry out, leave the wood under the sun for at least 1 week before installing, that way it'll shrink before installing and you don't have gaps for privacy.

  2. Great video! What's your recommendation if you don't have a saw to cut the pieces to size? Measure them and have them cut at the store before bringing home?

  3. Hate the music and it is way to loud in the end of the video. Over all nice video. I just subscribed

  4. Very nice combo of metal posts and wood fencing. So many YouTubers / contractors use a 4×4, sometimes pressure treated. Care to explain your preference of metal over pressure treated wood (of any dimension).

  5. Nice fence it looks really good compared to the one you took down. I have enjoyed watching your videos so i have now subbed, keep up the good work and videos.
    Barry (ENG)

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