Residential Estate Fence & Gate Installation Guide

Residential Estate Fence & Gate Installation Guide

43 Replies to “Residential Estate Fence & Gate Installation Guide”

  1. She's pretty cute. She'd be hot af if she worked out. She needs to do some sit ups and a little cardio.

  2. Maybe the neighbor at 2:30 was taking the pickets to build his own fence while she looked away. Jijiji ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  4. You are gorgeous ! Great job I believe anybody can do it with practice and patients . Well done ๐Ÿ‘

  5. I have to wonder how well the vertical bars 'lock' into place, that someone can't simply pull them up and out to remove them.

  6. "Never knew a regular familly can BUILD a fence" She says.. Building a fence and installing one.. are two different things. Installing is not so hard.. building on the other hand.. is another story. Is not so easy like video cuts and filming in scenes.

  7. This just shows how SNEAKY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN really ARE!!!!! Tyrone is building the fence & the pretty girl takes all the credit……. The same as how OJ SIMPSON gave & brought the Kardashian GIRLS ALL OF THEIR FAME & FORTUNE….. No one would know them if Not for his tragic fall /crime that made their name famous through their father……………….

  8. She be the kinda gal that uses Vasoline instead of Silicone Caulking to seal window frames. Her boobs need silicone
    caulking..bout 2 tunes outta do her proud. Oh and don't forget to pay off that Gigolo @ 2:31, he put it in! BLACKED!
    I think the alt version they made was by Banger Bros called "HEstate fence in stall" W/ Bae Binding & Guy Gatepole!
    i quite making home porn in the late 80's..too many a home made porn entrepreneurs flooding the local underground.

  9. ha ha ha she worked so hard but no sign sweat and tireness , must be some kind of magic or the power of mmmmm…. Ha ha ha

  10. ุฌู…ูŠู„ ุฌุฏุง๐Ÿšง

  11. Sold!! I'll take two!! oh, wait I rent. I don't care! You don't need a fence Paul! Shut up! you shut up!!

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