Resistance Band Training Circuit

Resistance Band Training Circuit

what's cracking Travis Tetzel here Travis Tuttle calm we are about to hit up a hardcore hundred here and this time we're going to be hitting up with some bands ok so we're going to be hitting up a hardcore hundred using different types of bands here I like to use band training for a couple different reasons a training with bands it's good a good different type of resistance you know you're going to get from bands whereas with weights you got a conscious constant tension with the weights whereas with the bands really forces you to accelerate through the movements obviously as the band gets longer more tension you develop in the band which it's good to work on with explosive power and speed movements and with this hardcore hundred we're going to be doing a couple different ways with this okay so the first one I'm going to be going with a thicker band or purple and if you're curious with what type of bands I use i just use perform acts bands from my boy Dave Schmidt's the band man but I'm going to be using a purple band for the first one which is a little bit thicker and then I'm going to use a black one for the second round of these hardcore hundred movements okay so the first time around it's more for power we're just going to be hitting five reps per movement there's five different movements we'll go through that circuit four times to the total 100 reps then I'll go ahead and go down to the skinnier band which is the black band which is about a medium band and then we'll hit 20 reps at each movement just one time through that's going to be more conditioning the first ones more power so you're working you know you're trying to go as fast as possible with each movement just five reps apiece just going quick through the circuit so these are good little workouts to do you know again at the end of a workout full body day we're going to be hitting a lot of different muscles or you can use this more as an off day work out with the higher reps kind of a deal owed week type of workout or you can even use a thicker band and really work on power and explosiveness with these movements so hit it up hardcore hundred time let's get it go knock on the band training still tough demanding like I said it'll work you different than normal weights like barbells kettlebells dumbbells even sandbags the tensions constantly stay switching up with bands so it's a good little change throw it in get thicker bands for you know to work more strength the thinner bands you can do higher reps obviously we're conditioning that's a great little circle right there tool before you hit it up I'm spent live aggressive get strong you

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  1. I never saw a workout like this before, I seen people using bands, I like this though looks good. gonna have to try it out.

  2. Hey bro I starting use band wow is really work I'm getting muscle my back before I use weigh but not getting enough for my back but this band is really helpful for me

  3. Badass workout for sure helps burn calories and build muscle so you don't end up looking like a twig when you lose all your weight.

  4. These bands are great for this:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

  5. travis is on the ephadrine again I see. Fantastic info and workout but would be even better if it was produced with subtitles as i can stand this long drawn yankee voice….kiss my hair ass bullshit ride em cowboy redneck fuck wit….thanks ­čść­čść

  6. Damn dude, this is awesome spent in a nice fast workout ! Do you have a link to the band set your using??

  7. This is a great circuit, Travis. As usual, I had to calibrate it down a bit. On my planet (the third one from the sun), this is a high intensity interval circuit, requiring rests inbetween rounds. (We have a lot of gravity on Earth and only a limited amount of oxygen.) But once recalibrated, this circuit worked great and it'll be a part of my routine from now on. Thanks for another great routine.

    You grab bands with your bare hands and do serious reps, like 40 or 50 per set or even just 15, you're gonna have shredded between the thumb and index and who knows where else. 
    I had friction shred on my ankles that scarred and took about 18 months to fade away.

  9. Great workout to mix up with your kettlebell and dumbbell circuits. Much harder than you think. Push to maintain unbroken rounds.

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  11. can someone give me a link or something like that? i want to buy a closed loop band exactly like the one that this guy uses. thank you youtube

  12. I've thought about getting bands like these, but when I look, say at Amazon, there are always half a dozen resistance choices, and I'm never sure where to start. I also wonder how this sort of band compares with, say, the Bodylastics type. These can be easily anchored to a pullup bar or weight machine or can be used in interesting ways, as you demonstrated, while the other kind has the advantage that you can put multiple bands on a single pair of handles for huge and variable amounts of resistance.

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