Restoration of Empire 291 Fencing Pliers

Restoration of Empire 291 Fencing Pliers

everybody Scout crafty here again just finished mowing the lawn all ready for a nice weekend I have some really cool tools I just got in the mail like I'm searching for those pliers last week I found this guy had a lot L ot on ebay pliers and nobody was bidding on him cuz a lot of these were rusted up whatever but I got the this 35 pliers here actually there's 36 I counted but there's 30 the lot was 35 I paid $35 for them and I have to tell you some of these are really nice so about a buck apiece you can't beat that for an ebay deal especially with some of these are you know some of the brands are are well made and the jaws aren't shouting it up or anything you can see you know you look at the dikes you'll figure it out maybe the dikes would be all messed up look at that you know the joys are really in good shape on a lot of these and some interesting plier configurations and especially these larger ones there some of them are really interesting so I said boy there's some restoration projects right pretty easy and the one we're gonna work on today has a nice old pair of fencing pliers okay now you can see what these look like they're uh you know a little bit rusty like everything else I start with no patina around this one so we're not too worried but you see the head is kind of shout it up all the markings are gone the striations over there and I'd like to make this nice it looks like a nice brand it has some nice writing on it I don't know if you guys have forgot to use fence pliers or not but they really do come in handy so let's get started on this bad boy today [Applause] quick this is not post wire brush evaluation you can see we have some pitting that we have to address got the face nice and flat we also have some jewel you know it looks a little mangled in on both sides of the jaw you could see there there corroded but we're going to have some nice Swiss pattern files that we're going to work on the jaw take that down the handles I have to tell you every time you touch these handles you're gonna transfer sweat grease and everything I would like to put some kind of coating on the bottom part of this handle and these had knurling which was nice this is a set I did about 15 years ago and I didn't do an over-the-top one but I just did a quick and and they held up really nice but you see if they had striations or in the front and they get hammered down after you use them for a while so I'd like to keep this one flat and we'll see what we're going to do from here so here we got the jaws pretty decent we had to use a dremel and the Swiss files were these are hardened steel and it wasn't cutting as good so I used a dremel now we're gonna use a little rust dissolving gel Permatex makes this and we're gonna put it inside the letters cuz the wire brush really can't get in there so I'm gonna put that in there get all the rust out of the inside and letters I apologize I lost some of the footage of the belt sanding but you've seen that before now you know my favorite part remember what it looked like before we started ok we're calling this project done we took these Empire 291 model 291 Fenn supplies from the Utica Tool Company and basically I want to use these upstate so I didn't go crazy with them but what I really wanted to do was I wanted to make this wrench feel so pleasing in the hand I did give it a little bit of a Polish but I wanted to make this feel like something that when you when it's in your pocket that this is just a wrench you want to hold you want to touch and there's no sharp edges every part around here that I could take and and round off the edges like this is something like if that it was in your hand or your pocket for years and you were using it what's so great about these is that they still make this exact design today now it's over a 150 year old design and the unchanged so it just tells you something about it and let me show you what's so great about this now when you're putting off why you're for to keep in livestock or keep people off your property you have either barbed wire or a non bob wire but they usually held in with what's called fencing staples I had to make these because I didn't have any here but fencing staples you'll see they typically a lot of them will have one end that's longer than the other just like this and the reason that is is because you want to be able to start it now even though you have a hammer section on here that you can use to bang it in most people in their fencing will bring a hammer you know if you're gonna do any fencing you'll bring a hammer because it has more weight to it and it's just easier to drive in so when you drive this in like this and you get you know the fence why are we going through there this is basically a tool you would carry around to repair and whatnot so if you came across and you had to do a quick repair you could use the Horn of the pliers to get in and dig out the staple or you could also use you'll see here if you clip this in here it makes a very sturdy thing that you can pull out easily pull the staple out so that's one you another good use you can tell by there's two compartments here in the pliers if you take the fencing staple you could put inside here like this and you could use that as a guide to drive down the staple especially if you didn't have one that a staple that had one leg longer than the other and you could drive it in like another use is the wire cutters that you see on both sides you can open it up like this and cut wire very easily because there's a long leverage again if you're cutting barbed wire whatever this would cut very easy over here you could bend wire to make right angle bends in the wire now the use that if you wanted too much wrist wire sometimes you have to make a loop in the end of the wire and you could do that very easy by taking the wire wrapping it around here and then because you have the two he the two compartments here you place it between the two compartments and then all you have to do is using the long leverage of the handles twist this around and it will twist the wire and that will make a secure you know a lot of times as fence wires a higher gauge but you could see it does a nice job of twisting a wire making a loop and then you could repair fence that way so in closing I have to tell you you can't beat a tool that like I said has one to three different type of jaws it has two cutters on each side a hammer a pry anvil on the back and it's got tremendous leverage because of the long handle so really impressed with this tool and it still holds up today and I appreciate you sticking around thanks very much have a nice day

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  1. I have learned SO MUCH about classic tools and their use from you – THANK YOU!
    Having grown up in Wyoming in part, miles of barbed wire on wooden fence posts was normal. To see how they were constructed and repaired completes the picture.
    And if you remember, back in the 1950s and early '60s, westerns were nightly TV fare. They'd always be out on the range, fixing breaks in their fence lines. Purty cool.

  2. Buck apiece can't beat that. Even if there are a few duds in the mix, there are still a bunch of real nice pieces there. I see the potential in all rusted out tools. Little bit of work brings them back to life. I actually enjoy fixing up my tools.

  3. i read somewhere that the reason why the hammer end gets mashed is that the pointed end gets driven into the buried staple by hammering on the hammer end and then using the hammer blows to get the staple off…..i wonder if i explained that correctly…..hmmmm……sort of hammering in a wedge….

  4. Outstanding. Great tutorial on the many uses of the pliers and their capability. You are a master at saving good tools

  5. The point makes the tool look like a bird of prey. That’s a remarkable multitool. Thanks for the restoration and demo.

  6. Another great video. I tried looking for a way to message you. I picked up something I think you would find interesting and would like to send it to you. Could you message me with a place to ship it too?

  7. I love this as usual. Especially seeing something that is 'chowdered' up.I am in the deep, DEEP South, and we don't have that term. I love it.

  8. I got the same or near the small pl… Left of the pipe wrench they are really nice vs the chinesium ones I bough while ago 3 at once they bend broke and the rest is good joke u can't even use em to put a nail in a wall it gets big marks xD but those ones are lit I put em my old wire cutting ones the gum handles cause my hands start hurt when I use em but they feel really nice

  9. Hey ScoutCrafter! I just picked up a pair of these Empire 291’s. Can’t wait to restore them and put them back into service. Any clue how old they are? Having trouble finding information online. Thanks!

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