30 Replies to “Review: PSE Snake 60" Polycarbonate Recurve Bow.”

  1. There's a lot of talk about "survival" bows these days, and in my opinion, this bow is almost perfect for such a purpose given it's light weight, durability, weather resistance, and moderate power. With broadheads and shorter ranges, it might even be stretched to take smaller deer-sized game. I have a 26 lb Snake bow at 28" draw, and that would be expected to increase by another 4-6 pounds with a few additional inches of draw. I've even seen this bow for less than $40. Since it is a completely polymer bow, a person could probably even leave it out in the rain/snow without any significant harm coming to it.

  2. Most beginners think they have to "hold" the bow in the hand. When you do this, every little move of the hand makes some inches away from the aiming target. Try to hold it so smooth, that it just don't fly out of the hand, not more. You will see, you will not care any more of the front of the grip and your shooting will get more accurate. πŸ˜‰ A shooting trainer told me once – if the bow is flying out of the hand it was the perfect grip! The art is to get as close to this point as possible – may be not on longbows but shure on any kind of recurves. Nice Video.

  3. Only got a minute into your video to hear you call a grip a handle, and a arrow rest a nock. You need to look up a chart to get your nomenclature correct.

  4. the Barnett sportflight longbow is superior. its 25lbs at 27 inches but i got mine at 70lbs with fiberglass rods duct taped and zip tied to the limbs.

  5. I have my own archery shop in Illinois and that's all we use for our rental we are big PSE dealers so I will be the first to tell you you have a quality peace of archery equipment look into the PSE stalker next thanks!

  6. When I went to get my first bow I was really hoping to get it but the guy said the bow was really bad and I plastic tips on the top holding the string tended to break off and also he said PSE is and American brand but they are actually made in China

  7. Thank you so much, ive been looking for a good review and finally found one! You just earned 1 more sub πŸ™‚

  8. Hello,

    I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a string if you lose the one that comes with the bow. Β Any recommendations would be AMAZING.

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