24 Replies to “Rick van der Ven v Matteo Fissore – recurve men’s gold final | Las Vegas 2014”

  1. Nice shooting I started 2 months ago. Yesterday I got my own bow it's a huge difference instead of sixes IAM now shooting 8s and 10s

  2. VERY badly covered – no decent view of the archers shot process. Contrast this with the 2016 Individual gold event.

  3. This isn't your gym class at 10 feet (if that), Ladies and Gentlemen, kids. If you THINK you can make these shots with a simple bow, aha…. You might hit the paper, you might even get a lucky bulls-eye , but you won't do it very long like this. This is competition shooting, not primitive hunting. Also, compound nuts, sorry nobody likes seeing 600 perfect shots with magnifying optics on bows. Compounds to hunt (please, it is MUCH more humane than your blockbuster movie bow shooting. And who the crap would take a huge traditional or re-curve out into the wilderness in today's world?) and re-curve for competition, these bows on the video are a lot more talent and strength over a shoot-out.

  4. Whats with all these stabilizer bars? Damn they might as well put the bow in a vise and let it shoot for him. Howard Hill would whip these guys. With a homemade bow and arrows. Sad archery has become so high tech.

  5. As an italian I'm proud of Matteo, but as a sport lover I admit that Rick did a really good job! Congrats to both!

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