Riding a Calf and Riding a Horse

Riding a Calf and Riding a Horse

hi everyone its Nona grace and I'm from western New York weather report for today is it was beautiful weather it was very sunny very warm I did put a long-sleeve shirt on but I ended up having to scooch it up because it is a little warm today we're gonna talk about horseback riding for cow riding whichever I started out with a cow ride or up actually a calf ride when I was younger we didn't have a horse I always wanted a horse but we didn't have one so we would ride the calves in the pasture we would get two every year we'd get two calves or everything I think it was every year because we'd get them in the spring and butcher him in the fall and so we had these two calves and they would be a black and white calf is what the color was I don't know what kind and we would hop on their back and they on the calves always had a real big belly there there they're not made like a shaped like a horse would be shaped they had a real real wide tummy area or belly area and we used to get on them and hang on for dear life sometimes we'd hug their necks and if they didn't want to move your brother or your sister or whoever's with you would twist their tail a little bit and that would make a move and these down calves they weren't stupid they were pretty smart they would go between two locust trees and the locust tree was just wide enough for them to go through but not wide enough for you to go through so you'd be slid right off the calf and so they would you be lost you'd get off you'd fall off so when we would see they were doing that used to bring your legs up lay on their back and hang on and hope you made it through the trees with them and then if they didn't get you up they would try it again and hopefully you stay down or you might have fallen off well that one that practicing actually was my lead into when we did finally get a pony what we didn't get my brother got a pony I don't know where he got this pony from but he got this pony and it was called red or big red it was just a little it wasn't big it was a medium-sized pony horse I don't know it wasn't big and it wasn't little little but anyways this big red or red whatever you want to call it I used to like to try to ride it so I would practice trying to put the bit in its mouth because my brother Anthony could get the bit in its mouth with no problem but she had a lot of no problem and right so I thought well I'd like to try to do that so I would without it was he was tied out and um I had the the bit and I was trying to get in in his mouth and he would not open his mouth for me at all and I was there for quite a while trying really hard and I thought I've got to win if I don't win with this horse this horse will never let me put it in so while I was working on it my mother called and said it was time to come in to eat so I went into when I turned to go leave to go in to eat that darn canary fit me in my butt and I turned and I said you wait I am coming back right after I'm done eating I'm gonna get that bit in your mouth and so I went in and I had my meal and then I came back out and sure enough I worked at it again I got the bit in once I got the bit in then it was time to put the saddle on the saddle was another challenge because this horse Pony whatever this animal knew how to pop air in its tummy so when you put the saddle and put the blanket out put the saddle on and you went to put the strap underneath to cinch it up it used to blow more air into its belly or something so you never could get it cinched tight enough and I would take it and I'd go for a little ride and I'd go to this there was a road next to us low road and I used to go to up to Lowell Road stop there turn around come back and then I would take the stuff off the horse and brush it and put an end time back out or put him back in the barn where I read the Lund and the one day my brother says he wanted me to bring the horse to him he had bought a house and the house that he bought it was on a dead road that a dead-end road so I had to put the bit in the ponies to model put the saddle on him then I had to ride him too at least it was probably two miles I had to go on this pony what should have not taken forever but it took a long time because as soon as I got to that long road that pony wanted to turn around go back and I said oh no no no we got to keep going and I had to struggle to make that pony go because if you kind of get kind of kicked the sides a little while he was to turn and try to bite you he was not a nice pony but um we got to where I was riding him down the low road he went down low road and then I had to go to I had to go past Lamberton Road I had to keep going I was going towards I had to go to this other road I don't even know what the name of the road was but it was another Road that connected to a pilotless the other end of sweet road possibly there was sweet road was a dead-end road on both ends and I had to go to the other side of sweet Road so I went on this end and it came to a dead end and then I went along the railroad tracks to get there because I didn't dare take this pony on the road road on a highway so and I prayed there'd be no trains thank goodness there were no trains but by the time I got to my brother's house that Pony just before we got to his house just before that Pony let the air out of its belly so my saddle went from up here to over here so here I am riding sideways on this pony and I'm looking for my brother I'm hoping he's home because I've got to get off this poni and give him the phony and when he came out of his barn he says you didn't write all the way look like that did you and I go no just from basically the end of the road to his house which was not real far but far enough the and so he he kind of thought it was funny I didn't think it was so funny anymore because I also had gone past a horse that was and before I got onto the railroad tracks there was another horse and I don't think that horse was fixed because men that horse was going wild when I was going by and I don't know if my horse was fixed or not either but it was not a fun moment I didn't know what that horse was going to do and the other horse was going to do but we did make it past and I did get to my brother's house so that was Mike's so after that I didn't want a horse when all the while we were growing up I used to wish my the cow or the calf was a horse once we had one I didn't wish for a horse anymore a horses was not not not for me and so um I don't I think it was long many years after that then I had a girlfriend that I worked with and she had quarter horses and she wasn't know if I'd go riding well sounded like a good idea sort of so I went to her house and quarter horses are extremely tall and they spoke pretty easy these the quarter horses do so that her husband helped me get up into the up onto the saddle and we were riding and of course what happens we're quite a ways away and the horse gets spooked I did control it thank goodness but the next day when I went to work I couldn't straighten up just like when I have dry road on the motorcycle the first time I had I had my muscles were so tense they had to give me a muscle relaxant so that I could do my job and so I have never ridden a horse after those two times I've decided horses are not men for me and I'm not meant for the horse so that's my story for today I hope you all had a great day and I will talk to you all again tomorrow bye ah I forgot oh man oh I'm back don't go away wait a minute whoa I am and trying something new because it takes forever for these videos to upload my husband is going to well he already installed handbrake it's a video converter so this is the video that we're going to try and see if it works with and and maybe it'll upload faster and hopefully the quality stays the same but we're gonna test it out okay now we can go okay bye

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  1. The calves here are not made for riding.And we never got to twist their tails.Any person who went near their tails would get akick from their hind legs. A very bad experience. But we still used to try. Never got to horses. The experience with the calves was enough. Like 35

  2. It was a Great Day…ty for sharing
    I alao had a sideways mishap on a hotse first time ever riding.

  3. Good morning NG 😘 I went horseback riding only one time and never went again! First off I had no idea how high off the ground I was and second the horse wanted to just go back to the barn bc we were the last riders after all day riding! He went so fast and jumped ponds and brush and nothing I did would stop him! I was never so glad to get back to the barn alive and never ever got back on again!! lol It's funny now but wasn't then :). Hugs to you ! Hope ur upload works Love Barb πŸ’•

  4. I, too, had two bad experiences on horseback, so I can totally understand your story. I think the horse knows how to treat the human who is with it, and sometimes they just don't go together. Let us know if this was easier to upload, have a great day!

  5. I've had ponies and horses all my life, and yes, they are tricky. My pony would step on your foot, scrape you off on the clothesline, buck and bite. lol and I still kept riding. All my horses were studs, yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa!

  6. I have watched a few of your videos. Enjoyed your stories and chats. Keep up the videos ✌riding calves should be a normal thing haha.

  7. Nonna Grace, I think I know how your brother got that pony πŸ€” Someone probably paid him to take it 🀣
    It may just be me, you know it’s 6 a.m., but the video quality was choppy. I’ll come back in a few hours and revisit.
    We’ve got a beautiful day ahead of us, and I’ve got a new battery for my bike- long story 😳 So I’ll be out, at least this morning, take care- sending my love to you both πŸ’•

  8. Hello NonnaGrace. I was laughing throughout this story….the part where the calf would go between two trees to slide you off, the butt bite, the saddle slipping sideways…..I could picture it all. Lovely lovely morning coffeetime with you today. Thank you. I hope the new uploading worked better for you πŸ’•πŸ΄πŸŽπŸ˜‚

  9. Great video Thanks for sharing
    Sub 1038 / Like +
    From Korea

  10. I never got a chance to ride either a horse or a calf😁 thanks for sharingπŸ‘ im a new family member😊 hope u had time to xome visit my channel as wellπŸ™πŸ˜‰

  11. Hello NonnaGrace, glad you had a beautiful weather day. LOL I'm glad you got the bit in. I did love the story and thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  12. Noonagrace love hearing ur life story πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing have a great night sis ,blessings

  13. Glad to hear you didn't fall off and get hurt! I broke my arm at age 6 on my pony named Tony! I enjoy your stories. It's like listening to my Dad tell his stories.

  14. Great / cute story Nonna Grace! Sounds like you're a very determine individual. Really enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  15. You have some great stories. Im terrfied of horses. I rode one back when I was 12 and that was enough for me.

  16. Hello Nonna love your stories.
    I had a pony when I was little on my grandma's farm. I wanted to ride it so bad, my pony had a best friend which was a mean goose so getting near the pony was impossible.
    My step dad would try putting me up on the pony bare back by the time I would get up there the goose would go nuts and up set the pony and she would take off let's say I never figured out how to stay on lol.
    So when I had kids my step dad got my kids ponies they loved them.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  17. Introduce Mrs Bo Dean, my bride to your video. Another fan, love hearing your stories. Have a great rest of the week

  18. You are so cute as always !!! I don't ride horses for exactly the same thing !! Once I got on one that went crazy,,, that did it for me too !

  19. Stubborn horse/pony. I thought you were going to say when you turned around he opened his mouth but BOY did he… wow! A horse is a horse, of course of course πŸ˜†

  20. Really like listening to your stories, it reminds me of the wonderful stories my mom would tell
    Thank you NonnaGrace 🌺🌻🌻

  21. I taught horsemanship for thirteen years to troubled teens, there was always a student who didn't get the cinch tight enough for long trail rides.

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