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  1. "Just cant see him from the Road," The actual name of the song is one of my all time favorite Chris Ledoux Songs

  2. Out of every song sung by Chris Ledoux, this is my favorite. That's saying a lot because every song is the best damn country song ever. So you could imagine how damn good Riding Fences is.

  3. There was a time I would get up sadle up my best friend Comanche and we would cross the gravel open the gate ride to check on the small herd of mares we kept in that pasture. They was skidding as anything but man I loved those frosty morni 's seeing the in the field breathing out that cold air here the whinny echo up the holler… Miss those days way to few… Now I drive truck and have for the better part of 20 what I wouldn't give for one more morning…

  4. About eighteen years ago, my wife and I lived in Montana. We'd moved out there because we loved that state, and still do today. It wasn't easy. I built log homes until there was no work, and we ended up making a deal with this old cowboy who owned a ranch. We could pay a couple hundred dollars a month for rent, and I'd make it up by helping him around the place. Since I was out of work, this was a great deal. There were no written contracts, just a handshake and a promise. Work was hard, but I enjoyed it. Mucking out stalls and feeding cattle in the snow by kicking hay bales out the back of a truck. We did it for a winter and about a summer, then we moved on. He was 80 years old or so, but you wouldn't know it to see him on his horse, whom he named Billy. He'd see a cow in the brush and he and his horse would shoot right in there pop out not long after with a cow or two he wanted to move to another pasture. Several times I thought he'd fall off the horse… I know I would have lol. I didn't quite appreciate it at the time, not like I do now. It was tough work. You did it in all weather, and sometimes you'd have a hard day. I helped deliver calves once. Now, we live in the city. I miss Montana. I'd go back in a heartbeat but we've made our life here, and I don't think God would have it any other way. But we listen to Chris when we go on road trips, sometimes back to visit Montana, other times elsewhere, and his music always takes me back to that time. I'm happy to say that for a minute, I was an honest to god cowboy and I learned to respect those that spend a lifetime doing it.

  5. Ledoux was the man it's sad he doesn't get more love than this he was one of the best to ever do it most of his songs were gold and he was the real deal nothing like rascal flats or dudes wearing manflops with there hair gelled

  6. Miss seeing you cut new records Chris. God bless you Cowboy.
    I hope you are mounted well in heaven and have a good guitar to pick sir.

  7. Real Cowboys don't need to say there cowboys other people can see it and will treat us different,, If you have to call yourself a cowboy that aint saying much. People say there cowboys but there heart says different.

  8. My dad worked as a cowboy after WWII; a trapper, miner, guide/outfitter, horseshoes. We never lived in town and we learned a work ethic that is QUICKLY becoming extinct. My parents were the greatest Americans I've ever known

  9. Dying breed. Most of the horsemen that taught me have gone on and turned to dust… Maybe one day I can pass on what I learnt from them to someone like I was before its my time.

  10. As a young man Chris music got me through a ton of tough times. when i turned 27 I cashed in everything and got 30 acres out in the PNW. I have 3 horses now and live beneath the western skies just as our forefathers who opened the west for us.I cant fathom living in or near a city. There are those that can, but my heart belongs in the west. For those of you out there contemplating a life change, go for it and never look back. we get one shot at this life. Make it count. Let your spirit free and live as God intended. I see miracles everyday.

  11. Once a cowboy always a cowboy! I don't do it for the money it's my life for 47 years now! I'll take being happy over money any day!! All money does is make you want more money! I'm glad I met you Chris ladoux it was only for couple minutes! But I seen your smile on your face when I shook your hand and told you I really enjoyed your music! Rest In Peace pard! You were one of a kind! And yes as long as there is one cow there be cowboys! You just can't see us from the road!!

  12. 30 yrs I have been clowning at rodeos. Ive met lots of cowboys. But the ones he sings of in this song are a dying breed. Every time  drive past big ranches like the TD in new Mexico I think of this song. LONG LIVE COWBOYS

  13. Every person in the world needs to spend at least one night under the open sky where you can't see city lights. I am blessed. I have spent many "God Blessed" nights.

  14. huge inspiration when I was riding fences in Bedford Wyoming back in 2001. Tough work but looking back I miss those days and wouldn't trade that experience for anything!

  15. wyomings elkoholic Your old life of fixing fences, breaking horses and working cows sounds exactly like my life now. A big shout out To all the REAL cowboys out their.

  16. Micky Bagabeers. Your absolutely right I wouldn't trade my life for all the money in world. And yes, REAL ACTUAL cowboys do exist, like me.

  17. This ol' Michigan boy was driving through Wyoming the first time about 40 years ago with his wife and son. We saw a real, honest to gosh cowboy riding fences along a highway. He was nodding off on his horse who was checkin' the fence for him and the reigns to the horse that was carrying the fence repair supplies was looped over his saddle horn. I hollered at my son, woke him up so's he could see a real cowboy!

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