46 Replies to “Riding Fences”

  1. Reminds me of my uncle John. We lost him this past year. I know that he is riding fences and checking cattle some where. He was my hero. I miss you uncle John. Can't wait to see you again

  2. underpaid overworked lousy working conditions with ungrateful ranches. cowboy life was one of the greatest scams foisted on the American public.

  3. this is truly a great song by chris… how ever the name of it isn't "riding fences"…. the title of this song is "you can't see him from the road" and it is true if you listen to it he is talking about the fact that the real cowboys are no longer in the main view.. like the death of this countries inocence we have lost long the way.

  4. gonna be building new fence that my family lost in the wildfire in Kansas gotta build miles and miles gonna sucks ass but this song is the bomb

  5. My brother just died and asked that I use this song at his memorial. Can't seem to find a downloadable version. Where did you find yours? Could you please share it with me? Thanks so much!

  6. great song. it is called you just cant see him from the road though. The album is whatcha gonna do with a cowboy

  7. I sang this song at a gathering, and credited Chris Ledoux with writing it and had some folks tell me that another guy wrote the song. Can anybody tell me who actually wrote this song Ridin' Fences?

  8. I really like his music and hate that he is gone but this song is some comfort to that. Somewhere out there there is another singer who will sing these types of songs we just can't see him from the road.

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