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  1. Hey man I’m a new subscriber but loving your videos already – I’m learning to do tricks / what’s your Instagram?

  2. David you are inspiring me to get into wakeboarding this year. I've boarded on a few occasions and love it. Also being a surfer, skater and snowboarder I can't wait to get my own setup soon and shed the wake with your pointers. Thanks for being so humble.

  3. Dave, you’re an insane rider…!
    But the soundtracks in your videos could definetly get an upgrade.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Dave, I'm not sure if it's just me, but I can not pick out most of the tricks very easily. You know I'm a daily watcher, and I feel a bit dense at times, but could you do a video and put a small text in the bottom calling the trick? It would help my old ass a ton 🙂

  5. Hey Dave I was just sitting watching your old wakeboard videos and tutorials and just overall videos with riding in it and I was just thinking if you had time I think it would be super cool to make like a video of all your favorite tricks you’ve ever stomped weather on cable or anything just a Top ten maybe of your coolest tricks I’m sure your to busy now because you are riding and making sick vids of that but if you are ever bored in Ireland I think that that would be a super sweet video. Thanks for you tile I love the Chanel keep doing what you are

  6. Might be nice to add the actual name of each trick to the videos (for us rookies that don't know and can't count the number of spins, etc!)

  7. Both are great but but while you can wakeboard I want to see as much as possible it was -4 F here and am dying to go wakeboarding, snowboarding doesn't cut it

  8. Dave, do whatever strikes your fancy. You have a certain panache which makes these videos what they are. Whatever it is I will keep watching.

  9. hey David, I have a quick question, might be a stupid one haha, but do you have any particular wakeboard ropes that you would recommend? Looking for a new one for this upcoming summer. Nice vid btw!!!

  10. Hi dave! Great video!! About the style i like them both. And the combination of them. That makes it realy your own! Keep up the good work yeeeeeww!!

  11. Both of your formats are awesome!! I feel like, your normal format works better for youtube but, I like this one better for Wakeboarding. It showcases the riding better. Just seeing you guys ride like that, I am on the edge of my seat just chomping to ride!!! Totally stoked seeing that!!! Your set was awesome too!!! I feel like with the normal format…. I don’t always see you challenging your riding very much but, this time was totally inspiring!! Love your channel David!

  12. Ahh love the Virag sisters! So cool seeing them in your video! Also I enjoy watching both the wakeboarding and talking footage! 👍

  13. I like lots of wakeboarding! That is why we are subscribed to you, right? Lol I think you do a good job regardless

  14. Both types of videos you've mentioned are nice, but more wakeboarding less talk is more useful 😀 (especially cable wakeboarding for me ;D) Keep on doing what you do so good!

  15. Hey Dave, have you ever considered trying double flips behind the boat? Not sure how difficult they are but they look so sick haha

  16. Do a game of wake with the Italian guy, or maybe do a head to head contest, where you go out and simulate a contest run. On my college wake team we would do that to determine who rides in which division.

  17. Awesome video today. I really enjoy seeing some of the older riders.  And, great footage! The camera work is great.

  18. Dude. So sick seeing all of the different riders. If you can toss them in thatd be so sick. All you guys are slaying. Back 7 and skeezer 5 was dope

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