chris johnson blue cow outdoors and today we're gonna be doing a broad head test on the new thorn rift 2.2 cutting diameter expandable broad head now a couple weeks ago we shot the original thorn and it didn't perform too well the owner of the company saws and noticed that we were using the wrong heads for some reason on amazon will reorder them from they sent us crossbow brought heads instead of compound so sportsmen outfitters make sure to look through that so you don't want to buy on amazon because they even messing up a lot of orders with them and the owner of the company is getting pretty mad about it which at least you can show their cares though knows about it he cares him he contacted us and actually sent us a pack of the new broad heads for as a test out and also Senna's the crossbow which we got to get a crossbow because none of us use crossbows so we will test these eventually but for now i'm gonna test these alright I was brought had how it works now the tip of this has made out of titanium it's called a rip tip and it works by when it hits the height of a deer any animal hereafter pushes back opens up holding your blades intact is a rubber shear pin so when that penetrate so slice saturated half and deploy your blades this has a two point two cutting diameter it's uh stainless steel blades and an aluminum body aircraft aluminum 7065 so she's durable now to set these you got a little hole in your blades and in the body love you brought that you slide that in pull it through till it locks in place and then you just cut off your tail end so you have nothing exposed alright let's see how this performs in the gel now but before we shoot the gel while we were talking to the guy that owns the company he said we have to have something in front of the gel to simulate hide so he said use a piece of blue jean or leather or something like that so we're gonna use blue jeans that would the rip tip on here it's got a mesh with something that is similar to deer hide so we're gonna use piece of blue gene to deploy the blade so let's see what it does now alright as always I'll be shooting my Matthews bow paint on 32 and the kinetic chaos by gold tip all right the owner was correct stimulating Hyde with blue jeans worked like a charm opened up rate on contact and Gables a pretty nasty cut kind of traded about 14 inches but this caught it's pretty nasty lot more impressed now than the first time around but we didn't know plus we were shooting crossbow Amazon sent us the wrong one so now we know and that's something to look out for for all you guys out there so but that's definitely gonna do the job on a deer a bear anything you want very impressive removing the arrow out of the block that rip tip that's why they call a rip tip it actually grabbed right all that blue jean and held right onto it pretty cool alright second time we're out the thorn i definitely look into these broad heads very impressive but for now it's chris johnson blue collar outdoors we'll see you next time


  1. You ordered the wrong broadheads as the product title and description was for crossbows not compound bows. You could've returned them. We did not send you wrong product purposefully and neither Amazon nor Sportsman Outfitters screwed up. You ordered the wrong product, it happens.

  2. I said that before about using something to simulate hide. You should go back and try the sevr head again with the jeans.

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