Rimworld Alpha 18's New Weapons! Orbital Bombardments, Mortars, Recurve Bows

Rimworld Alpha 18's New Weapons! Orbital Bombardments, Mortars, Recurve Bows

47 Replies to “Rimworld Alpha 18's New Weapons! Orbital Bombardments, Mortars, Recurve Bows”

  1. still hoping for more mortar accurate either dependent on the pawn or a better launcher tired of wasting 1/2 my shells trying to hit something

  2. The unsung hero in this lineup is the Firefoam shell.

    I've lost more pawns to raging inferno than I ever have to bullets…

  3. …That orbital death crap looks like something I'd use if enemies make it into my base and I want to take them down with me.

  4. There should be a type of raid where a few raiders come and one has a orbital bombardment and you have to kill them before they use it.

  5. thanks for covering the new update BaRKy! got home from school and saw you videos, which just made my day.

  6. watches anti-grain shells and is thankful he was wearing brown pants I hope raiders don't come using those… Better have your EMP shells ready SUPER fast to counter lol.

  7. Because the juicy part of rimworld is having all you work having something crazy thrown at it and seeing how you deal with it. I wonder how cool it would be for a really late game raider have one of the orbital bombardments.

  8. Im Rolling at some of these Mental Breaks Tynan is going to Add. A18 is going to make Rimworld pretty crazy xD P.S The Hammer Of Dawn is going to be Dank (Orbital Bombarder)

  9. the thing is though that raiders can use those mortars as well. curious to see if they can use the targeters or not.

  10. Holy s**t Alpha 18!!! Now i need to wait until zombieland updates to a18.
    And Barky, I still dont have the f*****g chickens :/
    P.S. Will the a17 saves work for a18 (i hope yes)
    And now we have Fat Mans from Fallout but in rimworld! Yay?

  11. Gotta wonder if late game sieges are going to bring antigrain mortar shells with them. That'd be a "fun" surprise.

  12. I wonder if any mods will currently work. I need my robots and glittertech. Also prepare carefully.

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