RIVALS: Soccer's Battle of Algiers – VICE World of Sports

RIVALS: Soccer's Battle of Algiers – VICE World of Sports

what makes a rivalry what differences cast two sides as enemies ideology religion territory or just good old-fashioned hate in Algeria one game transcends MCL jaren us MLG r2 of this region's most popular clubs and their meeting on the field is called Derby Algiers but born of the same streets who cloaked in the same history they're known here as the paternal owners because in Algeria the legacy of the game they play stretches beyond the field and it's not a force that divides it's a spectacle that unites [Applause] we're in Algiers the capital of Algeria specifically in the casbah neighborhood which was the epicenter of the Algerian revolution we came here to see the big Derby which is North Africa's biggest football match between MC Algiers and USMA the story of soccer in Algeria is the story of Algeria itself in a country that's just 50 years young still forming its own identity and infrastructure this sport is more than a national pastime it heralded the birth of the nation it took years of revolution for this French colony to redraw not with their own name but as they did soccer became a symbol of Algerian identity before Algeria even had a country to call its own and every year this rich history is channeled through Derby Algiers the rivalry between two teams born of the casbah itself say to Treasury to the Abbasid army shot parcel delivery Chittagong whole hoppy Toledo on tunisian metal DPF profitability is removable no consequence multiple most associated midfielder Amir Corral we grew up knowing only two teams MC LJ and us ma the yin and yang of Algerian soccer founded in 1921 MCL Jer is one of the oldest clubs in Algeria but around here it's known as melodia for the celebration of the Malou the birth of the Prophet Mohammed just 16 years later blocks away within the casbah Club USML Jer was born they would go on to become one of the most successful clubs in the country's history claiming a algerian cups Paulo Afonso of Afonso of enfold voila cassock reject ammonia la revolucion we knew the hell yeah yeah buku choose a compound containing minutes in the analysis suddenly much [Applause] Algiers is a city transformed when the Derby draws near the streets are drenched in red black and green the colors of oozma and melodia together the Algerian flag here Derby Day is as much a celebration as Independence Day my father is a fan my grandfather is van and my son will be a fun if he will not be a fun I will kill we have fun of the team of the colors of the team that's it you know the players come and go in Victor Doyle Derby elbow elbow to empty to example the supporter delish MA so this induce of a dojo I won't annoy you only of our champion are over but Lulu do Mohammed Siad is a sports reporter and former editor-in-chief of Laputa largest sports paper in Algeria and over his 13 years there he's witnessed the Derby become more than just a meeting between the country's two biggest clubs it's a reminder of how the game came here in the first place Doc Rivers I take hey on lollipop period the La colonias a Xian dong City da club preeto politic he lit a pour l'indépendance Raja a lot of people talk about soccer and the revolution it seems very hard to believe that soccer played a serious role in the revolution but is it true no Joe no Joe Aleman being shocked even on our jury system Yahweh the club mutual more in the club colonial a country where much on fan club Milman and club colonial super eco city pratik Malaga so it's the night before the derby and we're at USMS home stadium they're practicing their song and cheers for the Derby one of the coolest things about the Derby is that the teams both have their own songs their own soundtracks their own artists and these songs actually chart higher than any other music in the entire country the nearly hundred thousand person capacity of the fifth of July stadium is never enough for Derby Algiers and named for the very date that Algeria when its independence from France it's more than a room it's the field or sports and history collide [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so this is their version of the wave they basically call to each other side to side [Laughter] beuse was second gives in a commanding lead and electrifies the entire fifth of July Stadium [Applause] leatherby yes majority for clove extraordinaire the same curve do there be it a new champion the larger one [Applause] 87th month after playing down two goals the entire mouch Malou Diaz scored an equaliser to draw even with their uma brothers it was a fitting end to a derby defined not by hatred but by love [Applause] you

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  1. C’est marrant un reportage fait par des américains ou il balance une critique par ci par là sur la colonisation française,mais le pays est devenu quoi depuis le temps , c’est tellement un pays de rêve que les jeunes dés qu’ils peuvent se barrer en Europe et en France particulièrement et ils vont dans le pays qui les a tellement fait souffrir. Les américains veulent imposer leur façon de penser à tous le monde et font la guerre aux musulmans en particulier mais comme ils peuvent nous critiquer là ils se lâchent, ça me fait bien rigoler

  2. فيراج سود الأفضل في إفريقيا و لا يوجد منافس في العرب نريد منافس 💚❤👍

  3. A major thing to mention Algeria has rich history older than 50 years. Neolithic civilization developed in the Saharan and Mediterranean Maghrib between 6000 and 2000 BC. that's more than 8000 years ! don't summarize a nation's civilization to post colonization period !

  4. yes we are the Algerian , we are special wish u come and see by your eyes . unlucky who didnt see this in his life💪💪

  5. 4:57 "Its not being a fan of the players, they come and go. It's about the team, the colours."
    Absolute oath Algerians get it, I wish every Premier League/Eurosnob fan would hear that

    It's so dumb when I hear 12 year olds who only know FIFA and the top 6 PL Clubs and top 2 La Liga clubs who they want to win and it's about "the team that has Pogba", "the team that has Ronaldo"

  6. You have to come to Indonesia, see the madness of football fans there. Competition between big clubs in Indonesia between club Persija and Persib, and Arema Malang and Persebaya.
    I really hope your arrival in Indonesia.

  7. I'd love to see them take some crazy NFL fan from the states and fly him over to see what a proper match and hatred is all about. That'd be a fantastic show

  8. So again.. No Women allowed in the stadium because it fucking pisses the Great Allah's mighty ass. What a bucket full of idiots.

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