Rob Corddry – Hot Rod Fence – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

Rob Corddry – Hot Rod Fence – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

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  1. If anyone is dealing with someone like that in real life
    spend the time looking at the codes and take one look at their place and know that they have a million of those violations
    and then knock on the door and have a polite conversation as to whether they want to spend the next four to five years dealing with this
    when they could just agree to Live and Let Live

    some Psychopaths will not accept this and then it's up to you
    whether you move or you let them live the misery of
    what was how they wanted to treat you
    that you are now delivering unto them

  2. So did he have to take down the fence? I need closure lol. I believe there's some law about previous structures being grandfathered or some such loophole, so legally he could have kept his fence.

  3. Wait, what? That’s it? It’s over? Lol. Still waiting for the story, his wife sent an email to the wrong person. That’s the joke? Worst one of these things ever!

  4. Old bag is dying from emphysema but is concerned about how tall someone's fence/gate is! WTF?!?!? That is how stupid some people are though!

  5. Ive watched prob 20 of these from the series now. I know this vid is old, and the series is old now. But good fuck jesus motherfucking on crack christ the music audio is sooo fucking loud compared to speech. It boarder line makes it retarded to watch. You gotta fix this shit.

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