36 Replies to “Roll Bar Fence DIY – Keep Your Pets In & Others Out”

  1. Love this DIY, I have 4 small dogs and one always jumps our fence so I will be building this so he won't have to be tied anymore. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing, this saved me $240 for 19 feet of OSCILLOT®
    cat-proof fence from some Aussie guys 😘😘😘😘

  3. This should work for dogs but not for cats. They can jump easily over the fence. Also, there seems to be a wide gap between rollers that cats can use to get to the top of the fence.

  4. I built this and it didn't work. My first problem was getting the wire taught enough. I finally conquered that. My nextproblem was the bracket just bent with the weight of the dogs on the pvc, so again it all just dropped, didn't spin and the dogs can actually get over better than before. I have two dogs, the mama goes inbetween the pvc roller and the welded wire fence, the baby goes over with a paw on the now sagging roller. I am also not sure that my rollers ever rolled all that well. I wonder if it depends on the size of the inner pvc tube. I'm totally annoyed at this point. Plus it is ugly. I was going to spray it green if it worked… Maybe bamboo could work? I have a ton of bamboo growing.

  5. Looks good but couple of questions:
    1. I have a standard I guess 3 1/2 – 4 foot chain link fence and a big 90 pound dog. It looks like he does jump bracing himself on the top of the fence.
    a. If he does use it so, this should work for him, right?
    b. Does it necessarily have to be 3 and 1 inch pipe. Can smaller pipe be use as long as one size fits inside the other or maybe close size ratio? Don;t know costs but if long fence would save cost.

    Thanks again! Cheers

  6. I'm curious about why you would use a small & a large pvc pipe rather than just put the large one over the cable. Does it not turn as well that way?

  7. Thanks I watched a video couple years ago but I had a wooden fence now that I’ve moved I’m about to try that idea with the chicken wire fence and wooden poles to drill the L brackets into

  8. this is absolutely a horrible idea which actually increases the risk for cats. Predators can either dig underneath or can totally jump over the fence, and the cat won't be able to escape. If you are serious about protecting your cat, this needs to be much much more robust and closed, to prevents howls and hawks and coyotes from getting in.

  9. Great idea. It wouldn't work for my cat though, he doesn't climb the fence, he jumps it (over 6 ft) from the ground. 😣

  10. Thank you for this. Your dad is so smart to think of a DIY for cat proofing a fence. I will definitely be making one for my cats.

  11. Are you really sure the outter one (the one used in the video) is a 3 inch pipe like the description suggests ? I went to the hardware store today and the 3 in is huge compared to what you can see here. Is it not a 2 inch the outter one used on the video ?

  12. Any suggestions for building this on a 6 foot privacy fence? The boards aren't quite wide enough for the L bracket… I'm wondering if you'd need another wider cross beam first.

  13. Nice work. Thanks for sharing this. I'll definitely build one. This will save a lot of $. Since I have about 200 feet of wall to cover.

  14. for dogs that dig under fence there an electric line you install it works won't hurt your pets it stopped my dogs

  15. Can you tell me the other materials needed for each 4' section to complete the project other than the pvc pipe? I have no idea what to ask for when go to the hardware store. Thanks in advance!

  16. I just have problems with my neighbors cats coming over. Will it keep it out. Thinking about an electric fence

  17. Very good idea. I certainly will try it on my fences. I'm really hoping it will work for my dog. Thank you so much for sharing!

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