Roma 2018 World Taekwondo GP-Final [Male -80Kg] KHRAMTCOV, MAKSIM(RUS) Vs MARTINEZ GARCIA, RAUL(ESP)

Roma 2018 World Taekwondo GP-Final [Male -80Kg] KHRAMTCOV, MAKSIM(RUS) Vs MARTINEZ GARCIA, RAUL(ESP)

complete the pleasantries for this one this confirmation for you the podium disappears for the moment in a few seconds we'll be debates under 18 kilogram fatal the last event here has been an excellent job tree the level of organization has prepare feet the level entertainment we've been amazing and it will continue no tramped off and Martin is on the way well here we go in the mains under 80 kilograms I know [Applause] – an excellent exhibition some of the organize of the Russia Grand Slam Neely today [Applause] enjoyed the spectacle she glanced up of course was won by the man coming out though I've seen loads of Russia has his eyes on the rise modified Oh for referees and judges with jae-sung in charge of this one well you gotta see you need world that's not champion as well couple of Silver's they don't free CDs and get his first-ever gold standing in his way some edible figure sort of distance today's Garcia [Applause] what excellent battle airlie annoyed that's against but a foliage of his back his start was a close one Porcia in the growth or you guess who they'll be cheating on I am ready to go the Texas are watching head guards to use game plans but it paid dividends here Martinez is going to lead this constitution we know that amount of lakes are fast start for yourself lumbering up to its tree I offered marks to the void Elia was sharp table well Barton is blocking world like soon that poor steady stamp from the Russian giving the due respect has afforded I'm self faced extras concentration talented I've already talked take over the shoulder how about today's may be very good at concentrating the base movement Israel they're from the Spaniard their shirts off mental auctions and the Russians having to think again it's no first make who's good adaptation usual possession point stone dropkick over from Martinez Garcia he's done his homework [Applause] now Martinez Garcia and delete leap towards me that this frustration 82 seconds they have two points up [Applause] in a good sauce raise the support made by Sinterklaas gives the Lord of respect and understanding he understands the unified no watched innovator and concentration so important [Applause] but she went off to get warmer to avoid the headshot left a space for the body shop [Applause] in response second remains under 82 the girls final day here in the home from fetus all the way so enjoy that punch there that scores my stick tape to the board the adaptation so that I should choosing his gameplay letting the bank make gold today's Garcia though there's a cucumber the spanish girls really enjoying the fine things ashley is covering up on that punch because he knows that rubbed all his soldiers with punch therefore Garcia will fight beginning teachers bubble under here quite late to the party factor sold for Marty Jamsil verify the response over reaching the Russian this time for Maxine presents court he's afraid one to take to to the body goodbye tech is real the marketers two separate lake let's pass the up the momentum was going away from Maxie or don't intersect up ever more difficult for the Russian to say : we always wait to put the power on those with the headache nice little truce to the void Israel Martinez Garcia against the mode mr. chaffetz in Martinez what to be paid for the third row well it's the surprise attack it looks one way and text the other the final tactical adjustments fredo opportunities the Roman Opry walks the head knickers will fill upon situation punchlines the satisfaction of the judges heads you're almost fate nope well Martinez Garcia canny faint something is that the moment no his coach looking a little bit disconsolate simply not disappointed the work of this find you've instantly started so well the time so when he needed to as we have seen if so he looked down at oak chicken over back at least some antiques look down a note she pulled it back massive handsaw fluted real trouble it's pulled it back as we peel away into the last minute here on this subject tricep the hookman the corner be sure that we clear to Martinez as Kenny what for the gonzo which one it a close eye on proceedings here some sofa breathing heavily [Applause] the clothes obtain the punch the audio paranoid it understandable last year to know who can fade are we through the console the whole of 12 six minus 20 he's not done yet for the back leg mrs. gasping for the internal state takes the gouge of the fuch hood of the game seconds to go the 49ers eva martinez garcia trying to control it with this one County faded us the last five sick is canceled the Russian on the cusp trip what black lights on the cake a check of the corn running to the coach maximum so it's rusty gold my goodness it is airfare traitor to stay at the top of the division spicy pencil Dolokhov three gold medalist delighted with his day's work little check for faces those diseases to this man gs-12 are finished [Applause] control the distance the vaccine Sam Soph showed the quality executed its style that's where's the moment look like Spanish gold right your mouth off made of strong stuff so his game plan back in order and got himself back to the top of the world don't be champion here what a short you'll never look at me with Maxine bounced off the road if you're fighting a much land I'm sure Raul Garcia batteries the gold medalist from Russia for real delay there again for maximums of a wonderful competitor wonderful start to the cold pcs close though by the awarding ceremony and the maids under each kilogram grouping well there's your champion the blue strapping on his hand but they will be strapping the gold medal around his neck $5,000 [Applause] the only person of the Italian alliteration five for what was there for all Sileo Ferreira excellent bridesmaid over him proposed and wallet f8r sure this class in the end you will accept medal she's always they see vation for 2013 horatio thanks electrodes middle well end the back of an european championship lightweight gold go three broads from the karate Garcia or to the seconds quality he was excellent played four batches of our final look good Aldi and a rich reward Spanish silver for now since Garcia [Applause] cellphone Russia and is that a better one well he said I'm great twofold maydel to any beautiful tall convention here in Rome it's been a pleasure associated with you enjoyed all of it or to come of course in the series as receive confirmation Shulman [Applause] likewise today's Garcia with this furniture to stop the season thanks for emotional so then you can pick up all this he called the knowledge we got in the models good evening Charles about [Applause]

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  1. Just keep hitting the head and you win. That's the new way tae kwon do competitions are no more skillfully fighting techniques. So, the person with the longest leg wins.

  2. Hey remember the old school Taekwondo, where they actually had amazing matches?, the electronic scoring system was the doom of this sport.

  3. taekwondo de hoy es una mierda ..
    . si metemos a karami , lopez ,cook o al gran sadi saei en una final asi , seria una paliza

  4. Las peleas más aburridas es una final de taekwondo. Uno comprende que deben ser más precavido pero a las vez debería ser el mejor combate del evento y pasa todo lo contrario.

  5. Да не то сейчас тхэквондо что было ребята
    Не тхэквондо а Танцы 👎

  6. никогда не любил стиль Храмцова, но в этот раз он выложился на все 100, показал хороший результат, эффективные комбинации и очень продуманные движения с контрударами и блоками. так держать!

    П.С. я не понимаю, что в каждом ролике ВТФ делают люди кому не нравится современное олимпийское тхэквондо. не нравится, не смотрите…

  7. que forma tan fea de pelear del Ruso, solo se la pasó abrazando y empujando, que horror de reglas.

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