Ron Paul On 2012, Taxes, Unions & More (Cenk Uygur MSNBC Interview)

Ron Paul On 2012, Taxes, Unions & More (Cenk Uygur MSNBC Interview)

uh… most republicans are just carrying out
marching orders from their corporate donors while they pretend to be in favor of
small government principles now with the exception of perhaps one republican
tonight a specifically my next guest joining me now bizarre bubbly congressman from texas and former and perhaps future
presidential candidate ron paul dot patterns from paul i think a lot of the guys on your side
to be honest with you take money from corporate donors as i said you seem to have specific resumes likely
be a lot of respect for that whether some of the survey communities for saddam like community but today or yesterday you bought it for
those all subsidies as well thirty billion dollars why do you do that mojadidi find a subsidy seattle condo
consider a tax break as a subsidy that was not a
spending bill that was not agree on so if they get benefits i cut i’d never
broke increase any taxes i go to always give tax credits and i always cut
spending i’ve never voted for a real spending bill over are don’t think that is in the
category of uh… what i would consider a spending bill office interesting what do you think is
should be the proper income tax return the destinies era and we lived most of
our history with zero income tax but do you have to have a proper size
government you’d have to have the proper role for government use can be the
policeman world cannot have an income tax of i would not have all my troops
around the world at the freemen compound i wouldn’t have military industrial complex in me and so
much but whenever welfare state leader and under those conditions you don’t
need an income tax and i think that’s the way they it should be if you’ve got
a raise life somehow tried and so how would you raise money if you had zero
percent inka well how did they raise it before
nineteen thirty you know they had excise taxes is an
important is but it was in the a matter of high you raise the money was who was
demanding the money dignity as an enlisted man when you’ve conceded so
much to the military industrial complex and uh… and militaristic foreign
policy they say they have to redistribute
wealth from cradle to grave and take care of people i think when people take
money from you and give it to somebody else that’s equivalent to stealing from
me i want to get to your money i want you to invest and create jobs so uh… an anime freshly convince that i’m on the side of the humanitarian
side of this because if you care about poor people and jobs you’re going to
have the more likely if you do it that way we rather than the government
spending the money because just look at where we did with
all the spending in freedom bailing out whom who gets in this all
the benefits when you run the system like that where you pertaining to
redistribute wealth you serve the special interests in the
powerful corporations there when you get into trouble who gets better proud megadeth at wall
street’s in the basic bailed out and who gets stuck its the taxpayers that’s why
you need income tax so you take care of the wealthy so that look at kaiser we disagree on
that of course i mean it’s not nineteen thirteen and i don’t think we need a
little bit more money than you safe but it is an interesting point about the
fence that if you do not have defense discretionary spending cuts in fact if you brought that lease or you cut
everything outside of the president elements that it would be six hundred ten billion
dollars use a lot of gigantic deficit social here it is your proposal the
counter to the republicans the wrestler republicans is saying we must cut
defense and wraps fairly drastic well i use a different kind of i don’t
want to cut defense but i distinguished military spending
different from defense spending you think if we send troops into libya next
week a or this week uh… that’s the serving our national
defense now it’s going to cost a lot of money
but he won’t serve our defense defense it’s just military spending so i want to
cut military spending not defense spending for you to do that with maybe a
third of the gov the military budget you can’t cut hundreds of billions of dollars from
ninety one without wouldn’t still wouldn’t be
enough i mean you have to get rid of this did
redistribute kid mentality that is is right and proper
inhale to take from somebody give two others
because when you into our says system always intended to help the poor you
help those who distributes the wealth and who are on the gravy train so leading the corporations benefit the
people get the promise of a colossal houses in lhasa john’s we were propping
up housing housing for everybody and give a gift low-interest loans notice of
intended to help the poor people have houses but there are a lot of big companies and
mortgage companies made a lot of money in the builders made money on the way up they get into trouble with over
speculation we fail them out would cause a recession in a poor people
lose their jobs and they lose their houses i’d i cannot
see how anybody could endorse assistant casual paul you know a lot of people of course do you want to
spend alon defense namely the republican party certainly some portion of the
democratic party as well whenever you go to cut their they fear monger this year
moderate uh… so why do you think they’re doing
is it that the money that they’re getting from defense contractors well do you have to ask uh… both
parties that you know the democrats respuesta cut back on that too but no i think the movie war profiteers i have a lot of influence i think if you vote against serb
military spending the democrats especially get trapped into it they
finally get it and then they take a right and more non interventions policy then again i say oh we can’t look weak
on defense we got a span but they also really endorsed the policies cedric
republican and democrats aren’t much different they believe in the federal
reserve paper my system they believe in the welfare system they believe in the
warfare system they believe in international intervention in and running the world and i also believe in intrusion in our
privacy so i don’t see any difference between leadership of the two parties maybe maybe the rhetoric on the record
his eyes a little bit better about yes less taxes less spending dot just think when we had eight years and
have a chance to do something republicans really didn’t cut ryan
meadow expanding that they were all so much more favor depress that lever you
said there was a little guilty of assault republicans have been pushing
for that for decades up but the addition of federal reserve that i know what your
biggest legislative accomplishments was with congressman alan grayson in auditing of fat and that was very
good but i’m curious about what you think
about credit ’cause you and i have had this
discussion before and i’m sure a lot of people know this what what do you think they should be
the credit policy of each of the united states should you be able to more money to buy a house of cards that
are off i’ll show you in a free market you can
do that but the market generates the credit you
know if i had an automobile when you are not to have a transaction and idea and i want ten thousand dollars
i can extend you credit and all of a sudden this ten thousand dollars with credit or
an automobile company could do that or a bank to do that the credit really is backed up by
savings that the crime that is being committed today is that the credit comes out of thin air in the old days when you do is you had
to put the money in this and we had to work you handle the evidence they beat the
rain a bank in the mail it out for you today couple decades has been since we know
savings in defense is well interest rates irv are awfully low but
there’s no savings what we’re going to do is you see it margaret and it’s a false in the white house all
kinds of mel investment and all of us dedicate information to artificial and by the fed is wrong
answer it’s is immoral illegal act no matter
what he called one of the bill but i think it is it’s in your district
imported in texas got good grades must go to school doesn’t have the money for a disease
four hiked dvd should be able to if the government should be given all they can
give an opportunity he be able to get along over that said tough luck you go ahead well now i mean you’re the government
eat your money i’ll have a right to come to you is a one forty eight in the
attached to his knees education i come to you are not going to do is say give
me five hundred dollars did we send the i_r_s_ agent then it’s
okay so now i have no right to take money
from you handed nobody has a right to somebody
else’s wealth you have a right to your life when you
have a right to your i have a a education is in the right
medical care is not a right education uh… these are these are things that
you have turned now you might ask well uh… what kind of assisted with
them thinking well i grew up with that system the prices were different there
is no inflation might tuition was three hundred fifty dollars of semester i had
jobs in the summertime i could learn it either when i went to medical school
there were lots available via needed them but it was a completely different world
today more alumni gloves did you take it and then i will say this and that way
with through the school the school made the announcement of governments the
royal so we go to school giving loans warming that spread and people went on
in secret that’s what what the prices would be different kids today
even if they weren’t this is a work week taxon you know if they’re a waitress or a
waiter we tax there dot so we encourage in the work then they don’t have enough money prices
go up on the tuition and and then we give them bring us and then
they get out of college mayo two hundred thousand dollars it makes no sense
whatsoever i don’t know how much money can justify pacifiers are you know i
know you’re big on line so we asked are faced with audience of but we have won t
y t nation a question for you brian carter road in askin if he really
does support walkers efforts to destroy unions has got a lot of
questions on this and i want to ask you about that produced at a governor weld
area so i think it’s a loaded question because i am heightening as myself i am i do not want to destroy unions but i
don’t want to give them artificial power i want to give the corporations no
artificial power and i realized i nearly one million wise
collective bargaining artificial valve because it’s because i see one alliance
feather in a free market saying they are enough to get out there paid workers
have the right to get together and negotiate but just as you enter piling on voluntary transaction record
or the to reactivity actions between two people for social reasons haseeb author economic transactions at the same way so workers who can voluntarily get
together and negotiate making good negotiate but they can’t force there we’ll while
all and that’s what they government has done a have given a notice a noite law
you are not allowed to collectively she which doesn’t make sense if you
believe in the brown and thought about my position provided so that you know
it’s not as soon as you can call it a really organize in need of a shape that
you can’t nobody has any force civil libertarian belief is that you can use it you know
retrieve whatever this bylaw ran out and not collectively
bargain when you have to have voluntary has
evolved terry on both sides subjects or did someone like doing that look cute finish for sissy faggot fish fafsa
person all these different polls obviously that puts you to position
where you might run for president sarah palin says that she will run for president if
there’s a cannon in the race who speaks for her uh… needy that adequately speak for
her alive doubted i don’t think we i think we have some disagreements i
don’t think i would be able to do that i mean i would appeal to the people who
live heard supporter and try to convince them that uh… what i believe the and in my
interpretation of the constitution is that you know very strictly limiting
government and aunt interventionist foreign policy yes i
would bet work real hard to appeal to her
supporters but i don’t think you could translate
that into session this stuff on the other i’d be speaking you know for her i mean
that would be a little bit of a straight vincent is already running who is in his are you running are you
running for president eisenhower for hold on but this is great to have been dinosaur hall last question are you running for president lavigne decided it’ll be a little while
a for idea that a lot of especially the on people the next
generation and realizes what we’re getting into and what burden
they’re bearing on their anxious for me to do it i think it’s a worthwhile thing to do
but i’m on away from been away from making that
decision because it is a very uh… tedious and java are congressman ron paul taxes thank you
for your contribution

100 Replies to “Ron Paul On 2012, Taxes, Unions & More (Cenk Uygur MSNBC Interview)”

  1. I wouldn't call him an old fool when he has been a professional in medicine longer than you have been alive.

    Education and Medical care isn't a right. Meaning, you can't count on the government to give you "free" money to pay for it. Can the schools and hospitals come up with a plan to insure the people's best interests? Yes. Should the government? No.

  2. Government can't play as king over a country. Let the hospitals be in charge of medicine, let the schools be in charge of education, let small and big companies be in charge of industry.

    When government teams up with any of the above, giving fake credit and granting special interest, it only leads to corruption and an economic crisis.

  3. I disagree. We are not the government, we are the People. The government works for us, and fears us if we are upset. Same thing applies to Industry, Science, and Media. They work for us, they do not rule us. Us, the People. That is what I see is a free market.

    In a civilized society, there is no hierarchy. There is no king. There are only people providing a service for other people.

  4. I'm not interested in emotional arguments were people can revel how immature they are. If you really believe you were at any time civil with your demeanor, something is wrong with you.

  5. No paper money? What does he want, solid gold and silver?…they also inflate when more is introduced into the system, etc.

    Further, when you tie your money supply to bullion reserves, you immediately limit your spending power….which is why fiat was created in the first place, among other reasons

  6. Paper money should stand for something, RP wants it to stand for gold/silver. And yes, it also inflates but not as much and drastically as plain paper money does. Theres a limit to how much it can inflate.

  7. Paper money does stand for something…production.

    Gold and silver have some technical uses, no doubt, but otherwise there is no reason to value them as middle-ages people did.

    When Spain and Portugual started shipping in silver from the 'new world,' it inflated so horribly that a loaf of bread was three times as much (the main diet at the time)

  8. I thought what made us human was to ability to lend a hand to those who are defenseless, have mental incapacities, etc. Animals don't have that trait, you see how even a mother elk will leave her offspring behind in the predator's crosshairs.It's UNITED STATES, which is why we abolished the Articles of Confederation.The govt. does have a duty in training its population to make it into a prolific population which is capable of creating and solving at a more vigorous rate than what we have now.

  9. he wont win presidency though. Because he is a good guy. That's the problem. You have to be a crook inorder to make it towards being president.

  10. I agree. I think Cenk is one of the strongest interviewers. He asks tough questions but then lets them respond.

  11. What makes you human is your DNA, and some animals do sacrifice their well-being for their offspring (and community, think bees) while some don't, just as human beings do and don't.

  12. Cenk is strict on what he believes in but he's clueless on some of the issues. He doesn't appreciate American history and he turns his back on the fundamental issues and doesn't particularly care for the constitution.

  13. who is this moron acting as show host and what bigger moron thought it would be great to put him on TV? Babbling juvenile questions and statements that would make any Neo-Dems blush with shame.

  14. I think it's immoral to leave nothing for the next generation. SS, medicare, medicaid is gonna go bankrupt and the whole thing will be a waste. SS isn't determined by how much money you make its determined by how old you are. So young people who on average have a much lower net worth than rich people do, the young people have to pay for the richer older people. That's immoral.

  15. I disagree with basically half of what cenk has to say, but he is a compassionate guy that's very respectful in interviews.

  16. Yeah i can see us trading with gold and there be some chinese black market stealing our gold out of America well they trade with paper.

  17. America would instantly leap into the shitter if you wanted to use only a metal for exchange…and consumer credit would be almost impossible.

    Almost every other country in the world would instantly have more money than us, and their people would have some avenue to play the market, take risk with a business, etc., and that's all credit.

  18. As long as the people buy a country's securities and speculate on its commodities, fiat currency will always be worth more than purely a metals-based standard in our complex, fast-paced markets

  19. Blatantly false.

    That makes no sense, primarily because there has been less wealth disparity since the indroction of paper 'fiat' monies.

  20. oh really so the rich are not getting richer in this recession right?? who are the only ones getting richer and who is getting poorer??

    Record low interest rates have robbed savers of more than £70billion while printing money to revive the economy has mainly benefited the rich, the Bank of England admitted yesterday.
    Interest rates have been pegged at 0.5 per cent since March 2009 –the lowest level in the Bank’s 318-year history – in an attempt to prop up the economy

    even the banks admit it

  21. Of course the rich are getting richer.

    The reality is that the immense wealth disparity today is peanuts compared to what Europe saw prior to the introdcution of paper monies, whose value was not solely determined by bullion reserves.

    In the US, the FED urges countries like China to buy up our securities (which helps keeps interest rates low), but of course that presents long-term problems with a foreign govt holding over $1 Trillion of our dollars.

  22. Ron Paul is as anti-worker/pro-private power as there is. His domestic policies are savage. Paul is correct in stating that the U.S. is an empire, and that the U.S./Obama has no right to go invade other countries, start wars, put bases all over the world, etc. BUT to cut social spending (which is small in the U.S. compared to other western countries) and to take away the gains worker unions have made for over 100 years are savage and the U.S. population will, correctly, never accept it.

  23. @chriskb2495

    Social Security will not go broke. Take a look at the numbers. The Congressional Budget Offices calculated that we can still pay all SS benefits to everyone until 2038. After that, we have enough to still pay 80% of all benefits, which means that it very easy to achieve small fixes to make that number 100%. SS was in worse trouble in the 80's and we fixed it EASILY. The program is NOT going broke. So in all, there is NO NEED to cut Social Security at all.

  24. you make it sound way too optimistic. not to be nitpicky, but by 2036 ss will have exhausted its reserves and will only pay 77% of its promised benefits. young people will have to support an increasing number of retirees who have much fewer workers to support them. that math doesn't make any sense.

  25. In the 80's, Social Security was in WAY worse shape and we were able to save it. The estimates projected by the CBO or the trustees report both give it fully solvent until 2036-2038. If you want me to go into more details, I can but if we were able to easily get by and save the program back in the 80's (when it was in WORSE shape), then we can easily save it for 2036-2038 and beyond. There is NO NEED to cut Social Security.

  26. The math makes total sense if you remove the arbitrary cutoff point on the Social Security tax that gives the affluent a needless tax break compared to lower-class folk.

  27. Hi everyone, Anyone heard of the Tube Cash Exposure? (do a Google Search) Ive read lots of amazing stuff about it and my bro made lots of money with it!

  28. Workers who decide to work in a union shop voluntarily decide to join the union. Ron Paul just doesn't get it. All of this 'Right to Work' legislation is designed to undermine the free market.

    The equivalent would be to say that corporations can't make decisions without unanimous consent of their shareholders. It's ridiculous on it's face to pretend this union busting is somehow free-market.

  29. Ron Paul just wants to privatize the empire. Contractors can bomb Libya for all he cares. Freedom for the powerful!

  30. public sector unions have nothing to do with free market, and forced payment of union dues are pretty much the antithesis of a free market… so basically I don't know what kind of point you are possibly trying to make

  31. Nobody forces ANYONE to pay union dues. If you don't want to pay the dues don't work there. That's EXACTLY the way a free market works.

    You don't magically just get to decide your employment conditions because of 'free market' fairy dust. That's just ridiculous.

  32. Closed shops have been declared unconstitutional under Irish law as an infringement on the right to earn a livelihood. People who support closed shops are scum

  33. Aaahhhh yes. Another internet US "libertarian" who is pissed that he/she has to pay a portion of his/her taxes in order for society to maintain a high standard of living.

    Of all the things you loony right-wing "libertarians" could yell about, you seem to hate social programs that most (which take up a REALLY small portion of GDP). You are all LOONS.

    Isn't there a gun show or something you should be at???

  34. US "libertarians" are right-wing. You're all just republicans that do drugs.

    You love the idea of taking away social security or food stamps from people, and watching them die.

    Thankfully the majority of the population rejects your right-wing "libertarian" religion.

    And you guys can find a better word than "sheep" to describe people. Really. Most of you internet US "libertarians" are predicable and dull.

  35. I try & fight it -but every time I listen to Ron Paul he makes sense-Military & defense are two different things-We are still stuck in a mindset of spending over forty years old.And we are still in a Vietnam state of mind fighting the type of war that does not exist anymore-The type of war was that was the reason we were not successful in Vietnam.The term Military Industrial Complex has true meaning to me now-It was not and never will be useful in guerrilla warfare which is the main method now

  36. "Society maintaining a high standard of living" What country are you from?My country-which is the US-is maintaining on the whole a moderate(no matter how hard you work) to low standard of living at this point-slipping down hill fast.Regardless of what label we put on our political positions,this fact cannot be denied.Point being status quo is no longer working.Continue to vote your parties in this ping pong game we call politics & there will be no change only more deterioration.You are why.

  37. Well yes-Just as a group of employees should have the right to have competent representation & coherence in negotiation,as the employer is allowed,so should the employees be allowed to "hire" what amounts to group legal council on policies that impact on them-However in arguing for this right it can not be overlooked the right not to.If the Union does it's job,those not supporting it should be minimal to non existant.

  38. No cuts to defense? we spend more on defense than the top 15 countries in the world!!! Ron Paul is fucking delusional, enough of this paranoia, we have the best army and technology in the world we don't need 1/3 of our nations money into defense.

  39. "Medical care is not a right"….seriously what a bunch of heartless fucking republican fucks. Just let people die on the hospital steps, including children.

  40. I am welling to let ron  run the contery for the next 4 years NO WAY HE WOOD MAKE THINGS WEROSE .JUST BATTER 2016 HE WOOD BE GOOD FOR THE USA

  41. "A lot of people, of course, do want to spend, uh, a lot on defense – namely the Republican Party"….uh….Obama has spent more on war and has killed more people in war than most Republicans could ever hope to do. 

  42. MSNBC messed up HARDCORE when they canned Cenk Uygurs AMAZING show, but honestly I am kinda glad hes back on TYT, we get to see more of his insights and his language isn't restricted either.. so im actually kinda glad MSNBC canned him i guess…

  43. Education and medical care is not a right? Well, for the first eight minutes, Ron Paul was pretty decent, and I actually agreed with much of what he said, but he completely lost me there.

  44. I love how this fat douche can point out all the republican corruption but thinks the democrats are saints. Wake the fuck up and stop playing this stupid game they are both corrupt and full of shit but this fat ass is too stubborn to see that. And he gets to say his bs views on national tv. What a piece of scum.

  45. I know he is getting old but i wish he'd run in 2016. He had a great shot in 2012 but was shunned by media. Now more people have woken up. He has a great shot if he runs.

  46. Haha Cenk Uygur doesn't know the difference between a subsidy and a tax break. Shows how poorly educated and credible he is.

  47. Wow, I can't keep myself from agreeing with what Ron Paul says on 90% of issues. I really enjoyed the explanation of the difference between today's out of thin air credit compared to the credit of the past where you actually had to save money.

  48. Ron Paul's reason Is, I have more money , so I can step on the less .     He wants his cake and eat it too.    Self serving BS. Taxes are Not stealing , it's paying fees for the use of this system , this  country.    Ron  lives in la  la  land.      Yes ,  Cut spending in the military and the waste on wall street.

  49. Ron Paul's domestic policy is nutty and crazy. Many of his domestic economic policies would make the rich richer, and make the working and poor even poorer. His internet cult is annoying. Thank god the majority of the population doesn't support Ron Paul's nutty domestic economic policy, and that they never will.

  50. Ron paul thinks work never killed anyone lol oh and no free lunch yep oh how bout the goverment has to pay for my pity party .hmmm

  51. I also like how he says that a redistributive of wealth program helps the uber wealthy. This is literally a contradiction since if you take from them you are NOT helping them ha

  52. Ron Paul quite possibly has the best foreign policy or any well known American politician. His economic policies would be a disaster never before seen in this country. Our economy would simply collapse. However; in terms of foreign policy, he's absolutely solid. Democrats don't really care about foreign policy that much. They'll criticize wars because their republican opponents support it but when Obama sends drones to blow up weddings, Funerals & children's hospitals in Muslim countries, primarily poor, exploited,desperate people. Never obscenely wealthy elites inside the major cities. It's blatantly obvious that Obama is much worse than Bush in foreign policy and it's blatantly obvious that most Americans (including Overwhelming majority of Liberals) simply so not value the human lives of poor & suffering people who've been pushed around and stepped on all their live but since theyre brown and worst of all – They're Muslim.

  53. A government which works for the people instead of the establishment would be a better alternative than what Ron Paul is proposing imo. However, I respect his conviction in his ideology and if Republicans were like him and Democrats where actual progressives like Bernie Sanders than there would be a much more interesting political debate.

  54. cenk. what dont u understand? the government should not be able to take money from u. no one shud be able to take what u earned or own. it has to be VOLUNTARY

  55. Even back then Cenk was a plantation regressive and when facing good sense on top of it. Ron Paul completely dismantled his position. I love that man.

  56. so according to ron paul's vision, if you're born poor then sad day for you, you won't be able to afford college education and so you can't get a good paying job and thus you can't afford proper housing, healthcare,etc. but don't worry we'll cut your taxes, i'm sure that will help you very much. meanwhile if you're born rich, you not only get to go to college, but you pay nothing on the wealth you worked 'so hard' for, so you can get a yacht, a jet, million dollar paintings, and all the shit you don't really need. why not talk about the insanely high prices of healthcare and education? is that not an issue worth attacking? and to compare the 300 buck he paid for college to the 50k at minimum that kids nowadays need to somehow pull out of their asses is ridiculous. i mean he makes it seem like the government is taxing you out of all your money when in reality if you're low income you get more benefits than the amount you pay in taxes and only the rich are complaining. As if not paying taxes when you get 7 bucks an hour will do you any real good, or will solve income and wealth inequality

  57. 4:00 Ron Paul: "You have to get rid of this redistrubitutive mentality that it is right and proper and moral to take from some and give to others bc when you endorse this system always intended to help the poor, you help those who distribute the wealth and who are on the gravy train." —-Universal Basic Income could solve this problem by removing the bureaucracy

  58. Ron Paul's ideology is that the law is artificial power. That human nature can take care of itself. He doesn't believe in the law or rules. This is social darwinist thinking

  59. So Ron Paul is against the GI bill …or if he's intellectually honest should be…how about VA and FHA home loans ? …etc etc…Ron Paul's world is silly.

  60. So I have a fanboy confession… I love these old Cenk clips from when he was a card carrying member of the Mainstream Media! I have been bing watching this old, outdated shit like Master Supreme Fanboy!

  61. Oh yes massah suh Ron Paul, why oh why would we ever want the government to use our tax money to help take care of us!

  62. Ron Paul needs to go on the tyt and give Cenk another good thrashing for old times sake.

    Shake up the old sjw echo chamber that is tyt.

  63. We don't want to take away your social security. We just want to exempt ourselves. You say we are crazy and fringe. So, why don't you allow us crazies to exempt ourselves from social security?

  64. I feel Paul, but he overlooks the fact that it was the policies towards the poor made by politicians that have been bought by the rich that increased the welfare state and the military industrial complex. And he's full shit about no gov intervention for the poor. When the government created the poor. Idk how I feel about his ass.

  65. Ron Paul speaks the truth. I’d rather keep the money I earn and I know the people would spend their own money much better than greedy corrupt politicians who end up spending it on endless militarism and corporate bailouts.

  66. When your a libertarian its hard to argue against them. Cenk is like but ahhh gotcha the Republicans do this. And he is like but the republicans do it wrong too😂

  67. Ron Paul is right on something's but he would take America back over 100 years. He embraces alot of the ideas of Milton Friedman. Little government intervention NO SOCIAL PROGRAMS instituted by government. Basically let the free market work and manage things out basically the corporations because most people in America are employees.Private industry needs the proper checks and balances alot of the conservatives dislike that idea

  68. I don't think 2019 Cenk would agree with with this old Cenks attitude toward Ron Paul. Glad he kept his soul and left MSNBC.

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