30 Replies to “Router Table Fence for Table Saw”

  1. why not just revise the original fence as it has so many of the same features so that it will work for both the saw AND router?

  2. Well, aren't you a smarty! Forget woodworking. Go work for NASA and figure out FTL travel for them. 😉 +1

  3. Thanks again for your reply, Jeremy. I found only 6mm metric sized clamps configured as yours are and those were out of stock at the moment. I favor 5/16" diameter threads for my jigs and fixtures. The alternative I found is even cheaper: POWERTEC 71165 Cam Clamp, 5/16"-18, 2PK
    by POWERTEC $9.99 on Amazon Prime. Just thought I'd share with others who intend to use your fence design.

  4. Nice project but the theme with many of these builds is you need $10,000 in equipment to make them. Not just this channel, many channels are like this.

  5. Молодец!..очень даже хороший параллельный упор сделал. Твой метод и перенему себе на циркулярный стол. Вот бы подробнее еще снял видео,цены бы тебе не было)). 👍 Привет тебе из России.✊

  6. Would one of those little brushes that go at the bottom of a door help with the stray pieces of shavings that escape past the bottom edge of your fence.?

  7. salut Jeremy es que tu peux faire les plans de ce incrememental positioner j’ai bien ton travail de précision bonjour de France.

  8. Love your videos! Planning to build a table saw fence to your design.

    When aligning the two halves of the fence, would it help to clamp both to a big chunk of angle iron?

    Drilling and tapping steel goes better at low speeds, using cutting fluid to reduce cutting forces (fewer broken taps), prevent drill bit overheating and increase tool life.

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