47 Replies to “Royce Da 5'9" feat. Horse Shoe Gang – Horseshoe”

  1. these dudes are sick. Over here we have no idea why more people don't know about these cats! there's a lack of real mc's about. Sad really because they can out spit most rappers while breathing. Big up from Manchester, England.

  2. Toledo to Long Beach keep that shit up cause we from places where you cant be much except clutch so we keeping up.

  3. Danish beat… These rappers like iur beats, kendrik took one for a track 2 not to mentin the other one horseshoegang took 😉

  4. Dude….just think if Horse Shoe Gang and Slaughterhouse made a collaboration album ! That would be crazy dope at an unrealistic level !!

  5. @Nat Culley ye but it wouldnt be business smart, slaughter talked about even making track with Ab/Q/Jay/Kendrick , but they told it should be very ill, because most people dont want to listen 12´minutes long songs, same with the game 300 bars, shit is realy ill, but how many times a day would u bang that shit? 

  6. Till the grave, imma walk around with the tre deuce, die with my arms out like im tryna be jesus…jheeeez

  7. Oh my god. These guys are so fucking sick. I've went on a two day binge on these guys and these guys are all I want to listen to. And Slaughterhouse too, same deal. Why haven't I heard of them while I was listening to other (more) underground kind of guys? I was stuck on the Phili scene for a while till I heard these guys god damn.

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