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  1. I love the respect shown between the players of opposite sides this game could teach other sports how it should be done

  2. Before the pro game I watched a county game surrey were playing Andy Ripley captain of Surrey they were awarded a penalty kick it was taken and shaved the "outside" of the post the flags went up..but Ripley ran half the length of the pitch to tell the ref that it was a no score….THATS SPORTSMANSHIP!….

  3. Amo este deporte nunca lo juge pero díganme si no es más lindo que el Fútbol!!!!! La conducta de estos tipo es incomparable!!!!

  4. The World without Honour.

    In this world of lands and nations, there lie those with pride and respect. They claim actions on their pride. Some have respect without pride. While having one or both can be a good thing, it may also be bad. Negative emotions and feelings are not always negative. Throughout history, and within our own ancestry lies reason behind those negative actions. While some may be bad, again, some are not. Wars were fought on pride and lack of respect, as well as honour and due to un-honourable actions. One can have pride and/or respect for something or someone, an have no honour. However, when honour is present, pride and respect naturally comes to thee. The will to die at a moment’s notice for nothing, but to only defy the aggressor’s words and actions. The ability to rip out your own heart should there be meaningful reason to you, or for someone, even though you know nothing of them. Connection towards another through honour is always real. Comradery and “brotherhood” you always hear or have heard, is honour. Knowing that someone has your own life and will protect it, as you will do for theirs. Soldiers throughout the human existence feel no longer this as they return to “society”. False pride and misplaced respect, mixed with greed allow for the true Negative to grow and spread. Decreasing violence in society is only keeping dormant our nature. To decrease the aggressive behaviours between one another, increase the availability of violence in a controlled environment. I.e, Create areas that hours boxing like places where the gloves are extra padded along with the extra thick helmets (protective gear). When a disagreement arises between two men, it would be more likely that they sign up legally to “box” each other for the “bragging right”, rather than fight on the spot. I’d bet my life one it. But I’m just a random person who possesses no ideas for improvement among humanity. Ignore me…. either way, nothing will change. Such is life. And such is the nature of humans of the early millennia.

  5. Ime rugby through and through, please football players and supporters take heed of what is respectful and what isn’t…

  6. Just like how I remember it when I use to play it physical and brutal and when someone is down you have to take care of the player. Whether he is in your team or not because at the back of our mind we know it could have been easily been me down there.

  7. Mate for real as an Italian I have no beef with both the countries but at @ why would you even put Thugilagi in this video? Have you actually seen what he did?
    I would smash that retarded idiot to pieces (In my dream of course). Lol.

  8. What I love about it. You belt them during the game then you shake hands and enjoy a beer after the game. That’s the only way.

  9. absolutely love this. Nothing better than having a massive game and then grabbing a beer with your opponents after. Best sport in the world!!

  10. I have always, tenaciously, believed that rugby was one of the few sports where respect and sporting ethics (and morals) dominated, were a fixed, inalienable point.
    After seeing several, too many videos of meetings dominated by impropriety, by violence, by the desire to perform illegal acts, and then pretend not to have committed abuses, or to cry on slaughtered opponents and half-dead ground, I have to change my mind. You are like, if not worse, of the other athletes of other sports. You have as unique (fragile) excuse that it is a contact sport, therefore very physical. I wonder if these attitudes are favored by coaches, sports clubs, the complicit silence of the national and non-national Rugby Federations. A real disappointment for me.

  11. I play rugby and I don't think it makes you into a better player. I know more dickheads in rugby than good people.

  12. My boss introduced me to the Rugby family here locally..and there are not so many that I don’t see them in the Sevens that I have shot for them…or mentoring the ancient college team here. It’s all family. And as said by the announcer I have been greeted with the utmost respect and welcomed in. They are my family now

  13. When you train to play rugby, you know how hard it is to make it to where you are. All the training, all the time spent, the blood, sweat and the tears. So when you see someone getting injured in the field, you'll feel sorry for the bloke. I always do. RESPECT✊

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