Russell Klein horseshoe upper denture

Russell Klein horseshoe upper denture

hello my denture family small buddies what is up on this Monday evening I hope everyone had a good weekend hope you're feeling good as you can tell from the time we are not doing denture talk I'll save it for next Monday but what I will do is share with you my horseshoe upper denture the Russell Kline to those that don't know what a horseshoe upper is it is a upper denture with no palate I cannot wait to get into this I have them in cold water I have it in cold water right now mmm no mind you I hope I'm not talking too loud I am jamming to a little bit of Five Finger Death Punch just gets me in the mood I am a little nervous but it this is my third time there uh so as far as getting a denture I know it to look for when it comes to the Lexx trying to feel of them it's so important the you know the comfort of her beauty for me beauty can't be in that category because all his work is just I love his work I do not better if I'm ordered three times from oh shoot I'm not gonna talk much when I get these in here but I want to help me see if there are things sitting good I'm not worried about the gum I did pull them out put Nicole Arak I said I'm not really worried about the gum area that's not ever been an issue for me I could care less look at these these are beautiful look at that I love this side view dripping all over my laptop it's beautiful if I choose I could take a little off there but I'm not I need to see how it fits almost looks like a lower hmm this is my upper now we might interpret in it all right he does recommend if it doesn't the wax trains don't have suction either they fit good or they don't fit good and he recommends to put a little bit he civ in it I never had you through my other videos of trying to Australian Zahn never had put adhesive and at this point my time with him I know what to look for I know what's gonna come when it comes to the final product the dentures so mm-hmm you know but we do get your works trying to speak up let him know what you're not happy with I'm gonna mill what you're absolutely 11:00 about him you know you need to speak to him open up and let him know what's up what's up all right here we go the fitting pretty damn good actually I got used to no palette oh my god big different all right now I know that they're gonna fit different the dentures will so I'm not worried about yeah see it's coming down but once I have something in it my denture fit I'm hoping that's all I have to use I think everything's gonna be fine all right all right tell me what you think here we go it's fallen huh I freaking load the teeth perfect to me they're perfect that's never pretty but it's my life it's never pretty hmm all right from what I feel everything's built it feels fine to me they look good I need your opinion on it I put them in one more time and you can give me what you think totally think oh my goodness I need two phones all right I'm sorry guys um I just need you to look I'm gonna do it one more time to what you think these are on it I'm happy with these even with the gun I don't care I love them I love my smile Russell Kline smiled that all right but this the wax try and keep in mind they're not the final product it is your opportunity to open your mouth and say hey this is rubbing back here this tooth is hanging lower than that no I've never seen any of those but I'm just saying it's your opportunity to speak up and let him know what's going on and what you like and don't like because you can't read your mind you have to tell them what's up mm-hmm all right here we're gonna do it one more time and then let me get the heck off here put some pictures on my facebook group if you have not joined my denture talk on Facebook please do majority of your ginger family is there anyway so you might as well come along No mmm somebody tell me the ones that she has horseshoes already it's funny time she said to wear the horseshoes a couple of days hmm to wear him a couple of days and then wear my regular wants you know switch them out throughout the day and to get a fill of them I do feel a big difference all right tell me what you think not only that can be up more but I'm not gonna wear he said I never have when it comes to might like to try an I heard hmm tell me what you think I remember done playing them don't play them do what you guys didn't get a minute back in that water I wrapped up in moist tap picked out I am gonna ship them off to my playing with this stuff I'm gonna get it I'm just hoping my dinner fit will be the only thing I have to wear I take it to fix it a bit didn't powder I do have secured on hand a lot on hand but I really wanted working for just the dinger fit itself I'll be very happy with that in more ways than mine now I know a lot of other people's uppers horseshoe I personally different but that's just the way my mouth is you know I loved the form of it I love there's nothing here that's what I was going for this is like perfect to me I love the teeth I don't worry about the gum area you can see it's work right up there see that you can see that you can't stick is what you can see that oh my gosh I love the fact that look at that side teeth besides he's a beautiful man and I love them they look good they don't really look good I'm very happy overall with everything Co let me look at something does two are the same freaking awesome I am a happy girl with a wax trans give me your input help me but overall I am happy I don't see a problem once I have something in there once I get the and who's to say when they get the dentures so I don't need anything in there because they're gonna fit different than the wax charms all right mmm I'm gonna get off here at things to do people get back to did you talk we'll be back Monday I hope each and I will see in the comment box I'm gonna take some pictures and then I'm gonna brough these bad boys up put him in frigerator yeah and also look for a pen comment in my on my youtube channel and I'll put it in my facebook group too from Russell Kline because I did ask about section there is no such thing when it comes to the wax trying you know they fit or they don't fit so I'll just let me see what she he wrote but anyway I've seen the comment box peace fight it's about us huh I'm still recording by good night guys

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  1. From Russell Klein,I also offer and strongly recommend the wax tryin, to make sure you like the aesthetics and make sure the bite is correct before finishing the denture(s).
    Shipping is included, I charge $60 for this service.

    The wax tryins are only to see the look of the teeth and the bite.
    There is no suction with them and I include this message with the wax tryin:
    You might need adhesive to hold it in place.
    There is 2 points to look for, do you like the look of the teeth and how does the bite feel. It might be a little thick or loose but that is normal.

    Let me know if anyone has more questions lol

  2. getting ready to have this done to my upper…cost is about $1,000 … is that about right from a DDS? I'm scared about being able to keep them in and also if they fit…. any help appreciated…………(they are beautiful)

  3. They look amazing!! And so do you !! Congrats.. I’m having the same procedure next month.. being a ex hockey player I’ve lost a few chiclets 😂

  4. Margaret the teeth are just absolutely amazing. The only thing I noticed was a difference in your speech, but I suppose that’s just going to take some time. But again they are beautiful.

  5. You look wonderful. The Klein ones look awesome but you seemed uncomfortable in them maybe the adhesive would help

  6. Is my understanding this is your first try off horseshoe. Can you tell me your experience with horseshoe now after some time? How is the suction. Can you wear them without any glue, is it enough to use densure fit, or powder or you have to use paste. I hate paste. Please reply to comments. I'm just about to order new upper from Russell. Your experience might be really helpful. Thank you

  7. Dentures suck bottom line wofst mistake i ever made wich i had my broken teeth still they lie about all of it been 2 months i havent even worn mine

  8. YOU are beautiful. Your complexion with your brown eyes and dark hair make your white teeth "pop". The picture of a healthy t!! I too want to pretty and have a healthy smile. You've convinced me to do more online shopping with Russel Klein's amazing tailored to fit me and only amazing smiles. Thanks for your candid look at these awesome teeth.

  9. I think they look great . A tad bit gummy but it all depends on what u had with ur real teeth or just simply ones preference. One question; How long does it take to learn how to speak correctly, with dentures in general? Just curious. Anyhoo, they look great and so do u. Thank you for sharing ur experience, this delicate subject with us. I found it and you very inspirational. I am just beginning my very own venture down this road and need all the input I can get. Again, Thank u very much. Keep on Smiling!!!!!!

  10. Hi there pretty lady. Thank you for sharing this information. Could you tell me what your wearing that days as i think this has been a year ago. Do you wear the horse shoe design upper or do you prefer the regular (the ultra thin?) Thank you.

  11. The lady at our dentists office LIED TO ME when I asked if they make full horseshoe uppers. She said no they only make uppers with a pallet …..fuller uppers. Glad I saw this video. My wife gets dentures in a few days. I'm showing this video to my wife and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER """"SERIOUS"""" talk with the liars at the dentist office. That helps me too because I'll need partials next year. My wife had ALL her teeth pulled out.. …. GREAT VIDEO. I'm rapidly getting tired of LYING DOCTORS AND DENTISTS.

  12. Didn’t you have the implants with it.? That’s almost the only way to keep them on! Yours look good in your mouth until they drop down. Take care.

  13. thank you for sharing this information. I'm about to cross over to the world of dentures. I'm quite afraid but I have no choice at this point. my mouth is just a wreck. I really like this horse show style denture. are you still happy with them? did you have to learn to talk with them again or was it just a matter that these wax try ins are not suitable for talking and the real ones will be more stable for talking. also is there a link to your group on facebook? thanks for helping us out.

  14. they look good i have never seen any of these before, i didnt think they would hold in your mouth since the middle of the denture is missing

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