31 Replies to “Rust 6/6/2019 Update Summary – Horse Riding!”

  1. Jesus christ why is everyone ignoring the major change to the scopes in rust.. The view. Through scopes is wayyy smaller and it makes it so much harder to snipe.. As a sniper this has pissed me off and i dont know why they changed it.. If you want the old scopes back say something and as a channel that goes through "all" thr changes is rust updates how could you not mention the most game changing update they made

  2. why does the voice actor sound like hes bout to take off his undies and take it doggy style at any second?? can you find anyone with a more pathetic nerdy voice

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  4. Damn I wish we had this on console…this seems like the best online p2p talk live to each other in a way that changes gameplay game of all time. I watch hundreds of videos of rustubers but can't play it.

  5. search is fucked up in this update. you cant see what you are writting in search server and this is annoying. you allso cant see what you write in crafting

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