Ruwen Filus vs Patrick Franziska | 2019 German National Championships

Ruwen Filus vs Patrick Franziska | 2019 German National Championships

23 Replies to “Ruwen Filus vs Patrick Franziska | 2019 German National Championships”

  1. What an awesome show! Lots of incredible points! I'm sad for Ruwen losing 2nd and 5th games leading 4-6 points.

  2. This video should be the reference for ITTF camera placement. Love it. At 2-2, I was sure Franziska was having a bad game 5. But somehow he came back and won it.

  3. In first minutes, i disliked shoot angle, looked more like amateur, then i got familiarised. Otherwise great game, absolutely stunning. Thanks for editing and posting

  4. Rare exhausting match. Both are amazing. Non stop rally til both side burn out. Chopper has hang on to the end.

  5. I love it when Filus switches from chop to topspin in an instant. Must be difficult to get into any sort of rhythm against him.

  6. Thank you for uploading this match. Amazing camera angle as well as good job on editing part (though minimal, but, glad you did it well)
    Keep it up!

  7. Si tomamos en cuenta el esfuerzo de cada uno, el swing de top spin del atacante y de side spin o slice del defensa, cuál creen que haga un despliegue físico mayor o mas desgastante, Franziska? O Filus?

  8. You've got to be in great shape to beat Ruwen. I wonder if Patrick could have moved Ruwen in and out by varying his loops. It seems he was hitting the ball right to him.

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