what's up y'all we are here with my boy Ryan peacock what's up y'all at hamster watersports complex and he just gave me some weight 40 for you and hopefully you doesn't screw it up too bad he went swimmin so Ryan decided to go for a little bit of a swim and he should be back over here in a few minutes how was your swim long tiring been riding all morning JB you really caught me off guard today with just don't and you didn't really I could put your noodles going down say yeah okay well we'll go back out in the second alright Ryan got his milkshake got some energy and we're just gonna get back at it this area here took him down earlier hopefully he doesn't date you man again you won't all right any luck down anyway living again alright Ryan's done swimming for the day yeah I'm done filming him and that's it if you want to subscribe to his channel I'll put in the whatever below and yeah subscribe to me too if you want to see more stuff like this comment and all that other piece


  1. Awesome!! Love the Peacock Bros Ryan rips, would be cool if you name the ticks that the rider is doing. I went in my first comp to day and you POV commentary has really helped me identify the moves, keep up the mad vids!! I cant wait to get my wheelies down…I got a rounded board but im still going to nail em.

  2. Hi new friend here. Hope you also give the love back and visit my channel. Thank you. Stay connected. Godbless. 😊

  3. Awesome videos! Watching you guys is like watching or playing a video game on plastation. New subscriber here

  4. What the fuck yeah I enjoy it every acrobat moves he is professional, your friend Ryan is great execution I amazed. Una sonrisa tuya me hace inmen samente feliz. Bravo!

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