Saber Fencing : Saber Fencing Point & Line

Saber Fencing : Saber Fencing Point & Line

In this clip, we’re going to talk about point
and line. Point and line is very important because understand point and line and you
understand the game. The attacker is the one that officially has access to the target,
or to their target. Once I put point and line out, I’m the attacker, passively attacking.
He must eliminate my attack and then make his own attack. So, Bobby’s going to demonstrate
that. Let’s go, ready. Okay, what happens now is the referee says ready, and we say
yes, fence. I back off, and here’s point and line. He cannot–attack me right into it,
come on. Cut right here. I want you to come right and cut. Let’s do it again. Ready, fence.
See, I have point and line. I have the priority. But did I hit him? No, he scored. Do it again.
Ready, fence. Now I scored because I had point and line out. Now, he’s going to take the
point and line away by hitting the blade first. Back up. Ready, fence. But if you go through
the blade you’ll never get to me. Okay, ready–ready fence. Good. Notice I touched him, but he
took the blade away, he took my priority away, so he scored. Ready again. Ready, fence. He’s
insisting on going through the blade. Okay, ready again. So it’s only, all you have to
do is just wrap it. Tap. Ready, fence. Good. That was good. Ready, fence. Now remember
we were deceiving the parry. I just deceived his parry and cut. Then I would get the point.
So, that’s the thing about point and line, that a person can deceive the attempted taking
of a blade, and score. So that’s the different between–that’s the risk that you take when
you’re trying to take point and line away from a person. So you have to be watchful.

11 Replies to “Saber Fencing : Saber Fencing Point & Line”

  1. The touch at 0:57 is incorrect. Since the advance lunge starts immediately the line is not established in time.

    Also at 1:46 the proper call was that the attack from the right is incorrect but the attack (into prep) from the left does. Since the action moved from line to a cut it does not fall under the "protection" of point in line.

  2. How could it be a joke? They work for expert village. That's a village populated entirely by experts! And experts know that the attacker is the one that, officially, has access to the target, and that once someone put's point and line out, they are the attacker.

    I don't see anything funny about that.

  3. Guys if you can make a better video
    please do. Its hard to make a video on anything. this video is just a flash of the movement. you can't learn fencing from a video, but you can get a idea from a video.
    so please be nice. cause if you are so great put your shot on here and let people judge you. or you know what think this video might make someone want to try fencing and go to your club where you can teach him. I am so sick of all you experts who make rude comments and hide.

  4. @saberfencer19
    I saw your video of you fencing.
    you need some more years of fencing before you make comments on fencing

  5. he is saying point IN line.
    The person typeing put "and"
    The asst is bad and not doing whats is asked of him he is very bad asst, doing other than what he is asked to do.
    the coach needs some one better to help him. the coach ask for an attack to his body but the other guy beats the blade and destroyed the lession. it takes a team to show the movement.

  6. on the last movment the man on the left did whats called a disengage….
    however he did it wrong because when you are disengaging it is Vital that you not break the line of your elbow.

    his elbow broke

  7. He showed a point in line as best as he could with the asst he had.
    He did not do any other move. he then showed how to take right of way and attack.
    J what state do you live in i go to a lot of tourments, lets talk show me what you can do online, how many students do you have? you ever have a rating?
    i teach sabre and have been coaching a long time. his video is trying to show right of way and how to take right of way. can you do better post it. here and lets see.

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