24 Replies to “Sabre Fencing: the best moment of the best match 2013”

  1. Imagine a guy getting touched with a floppy stick being the greatest highlight of all time. Jokes aside the footsies and speed are quite impressive.

  2. Look up this, vachetta swinging arms at goku meme. Go to images and click first one. That is what this video basically is.

  3. Fencing is not a true martial art and it's bs that you learn from a mcdojo. I'm a BJJ meat head 20 degree red belt I'll destroy all of you with take downs and chokes raaawrr!!!!

  4. Hey, Neckbeards in the comments sorry to break it to you but fencing doesn’t have to be accurate to a fight the the death it’s a sport.

  5. Why are so many people salty in the comments? They claim to have fenced, and that it isn't "real" swordfighting. Watched too many movies, maybe?

  6. allright i get that tey dont want the players hurting each other but do tem little swords stil have to wiggle and what not cant they just make thin dull metal sticks it be just i dont less entarning now dont ye be getting me wrong i do not want no injuries but still no flopping around i mine a girl dont like floppy they like nice and hard

  7. They ruined sabre in 1997 when they outlawed the fleche. It was a cavalry weapon. Now you see guys "attacking" with their blades in a defensive position. And the so-called "flunge"  is so lame. You also see guys now trying to use froissement to jam their fortes into their opponent's masks. Absolute shit.

  8. Bloody hell… Modern fencing is so ugly and relaxed. The players only care about getting the light on and that's it. No proper parrying, no proper execution, no proper "en garde", just throwing themselves against each other and hope for the best. Sometimes I think they should invent some blades that cause some decent pain to re-introduce the fear of being hit.

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