41 Replies to “SAILBOAT AND RECURVE BOW! FIRE ARROWS! – Ark: Primitive Plus [Gameplay E5]”

  1. you have to combine metal and something else in  forge too make steel but I forget you get steel ingots I like the size of the safe in prim  plus

  2. Syntac, the traps dont trap real prey.They work like apiarys,the trap things overtime.LOve the vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the good work.

  3. There's a ton of metal, obsidian, and crystal on the top of the skull island. You'll need a flyer of course. But there's a ton up there.

  4. Partsof the river is gliched so terror birds think they need to swim in it and that makes them slow and you can run in it so fight them there also great vid:)

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