Salman Butt Says Sack Arthur Pakistani Batsmen Exposed Against Short Balls Last 2 Years | G Sports

Salman Butt Says Sack Arthur Pakistani Batsmen Exposed Against Short Balls Last 2 Years | G Sports

35 Replies to “Salman Butt Says Sack Arthur Pakistani Batsmen Exposed Against Short Balls Last 2 Years | G Sports”

  1. Great arguments by Salman Butt regarding attempt of copying Australian domestic structure without taking into account ground realities of Pakistan.

  2. Waheed bhai …. salman butt is an IDIOT, he is a TRAITOR, he sold his country just for few pounds, it has been more than 10 years now our cricket team is not stable just because of him, and you have taken him as an expert?????????????? what a shame .. such a disgrace, Salman butt shouldn't be playing cricket for the rest of his life

  3. @shah kazmi I kindof have a similar point of view as @bakht that yes Amir also committed a crime and should have been punished but shouldn’t we punish the mastermind or criminal gang leaders more than others. Amir accepted immediately and was forced to do it but SButt proudly denied it for. 2 years and kept saying on Tv channels that he is innocent till solid proofs were found.Also Amir was under 18 at that time.Its a worldover law the under 18 people are considered as no adult whos mind is still maturing but SalmanButt was in mid 20s and Majeed in late 30s were much older

  4. I think Salman Butt is Pakistan's most talented and rational cricketer. But unfortunately he is responsible for his own failure.

  5. وہ شارٹ بال کھیل سکیں یا نہیں وہ الگ بات ہے لیکن تمہاری طرح چور نہیں ہیں بے شرم ہو، بد دیانت ہو بے غیرت ہو، کس منہ سے بات کر رہے

  6. Waheed bhai app ko aik match fixer hi mila salman Butt nai amir aur asif ka career ka kharab kiya woh humy btayga kya sahi hai kya nhi

  7. Match fixers ko invite na kia krain
    Don’t invite match fixers like Salman Butt. He is dark spot on Pakistani cricket

  8. Hamneeeee Sports Round up nhiii Dekhaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Salman butt is Genius.
    He has good understanding of the game.
    For me he is number one cricket analyst in Pakistan

  10. gaffar says virat kohli only captain all three format in this time , he forget Williamson & du plessis also captain all three format .

  11. Jis bhandaa na pakistan ko bachaaa pakistan ki tazleel ki ap is ko show main bulhaa kar k kia sabiat karna chataa shame on waheed khan and sulman butt

  12. Why salman why you ruined your self such a great analysis and great cricket mind we Pakistan suffered after your exit that's where our cricket went down. Misbah took over captaincy and changed all the mindset of over cricket who we use to play aggressive cricket 😏😏

  13. sir saied auwer after openar bastman salman bat salman bat came team Pakistan then good team Pakistan

  14. I think Salman Butt is very sensible and logical than many…Better than Ghulam Ali or Tanvir…I think Waheed bhai should get Salman more often…Very apt analysis…I think he has a better thinking brains than current Paki Admin folks…I also feel Imran Khan is over rated. Salman has beautifully narrated the AUSSIE structure

  15. ٹھیک بول رہا ہے سلمان اگر کوپی کرنا ہے آپ نے تو انڈیا اور بنگلا دیش کو کر لو بنگلا دیش کی بیٹنگ ہم سے کہیں زیادہ اچھی ہے

  16. Salman Butt is the pillar of the cricket society when it comes to fixing matches or spot fixing. Thanks Salman Butt for your achievement, disgrace to the nation and shameless F.

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