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  1. Actually, it is not ok to string by twisting the limb. Aside from the potential to damage the limb the other is that once you do it you have permanently voided the warranty, and in your case, you have provided the evidence that you have done it. For future recurve shooters please never string a bow by twisting with your leg. But aside from that, I hope you are still enjoying your bow.

  2. I know this is an older video and you may have changed your views on a couple things since.I am a life long archer,with a few years under my belt.Over a half century to be exact.LOL
    I work for a friend,who owns the oldest archery shop in our area.We sell a ton of these bows out of the shop and i set up and test,most of them.A couple things i noticed in your well done video is this….
    I noticed some marks on the belly side of one of your limbs.These bows are notorious for having the screws in the limb pockets,being loose.Some tightening of these screws is common and i often remove and drop a little glue on the threads before i tighten them down. Just to add to the viewers,the limb bolts should just be hand tightened.Dont wrench em down too tight as it can crack the Fiber glass backing.
    You can use non feather vanes with this bow,if you use an elevated rest,either stick on or screw in as this bow is set up to use.
    A fast flight type string makes this bow more efficient and quieter ,though some type of string silencer is still needed on any recurve.I am of the same opinion regarding the noise factor and its one of the reasons im drawn to archery as well.I hate the twang of a bow as well and it has cost me ,in a hunting situation in the past.The step through method is safe,if done properly,but in the event of a twist in the limb,that can be fixed as well,with a little heat or hot water.Ive done it on several recurves through the years.Ive acquired many a recurve through the years for cheap or even free,because the owners thought the bows were ruined by a twisted limb.Ive tried to educate them on it,but they didnt believe it or didnt trust it,and i ended up with the bow and brought it back to life.You can leave most FG laminate bows strung up with no ill effect,providing you dont leave them strung in extreme conditions,such as in a hot car or out in the elements at below freezing.I have bows that have been braced for years with no ill effect,but it doesnt hurt to un brace,if its done properly.In fact,more FG laminate bows have been ruined from constant improper bracing,than leaving them braced.
    Hope this info is well received and helps in some way.
    Nice video.I enjoyed it.

  3. I changed that to a ragim matrix bow
    It's basically the same but better looking and some how more smooth
    At shooting
    I love it

  4. I bought a Sage Sammick back in the Spring and I couldn't be happier with it.  It too is a take-down recurve.

  5. if you guys wernt so slow with putting up your videos maybe we could still have brought a samick journey. there discontinued now. i don't want to come off as an asshole but there gone now, and i really want one now.

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