22 Replies to “Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Stump Shooting”

  1. Hello, very good video excellent presentation, I have a question, where can I buy the Quiver they use in the samick sage?

  2. Hello wingman115 I am from India and i want to buy samick sage so from where i can import and how much it would cost?

  3. Best time you can have,with yer clothes on.We{My huntin pard and i}Set up a stumpin camp and have at it.We cook in the dutch ovens and make a Hunt like outing of it.We started ditching the 3D shoots to do it.Thats how much we like it.I have some high dollar bows and im going to get a Sage.Ive shot the Sage at my friends shop and there is nothing wrong with them at all.

  4. got to assume your son's shooting will tighten up exponentially when his bow's properly tuned. can really hear the string twang – I'm thinking that'll affect accuracy quite a bit? waiting delivery of my own 40lb Samick Sage this week & can't wait to get it up & running. probably use my Hoyt Charger as my primary bow. & do enjoy my Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow. though I do think there's a bit more "art" to the bows. this was an enjoyable vid. (by the way, I only target shoot. 1. don't like to kill unless at absolute need or for mercy. 2. bowhunting is illegal in the UK. apparently for "humane" reasons – though chasing down wildlife & the occasional pet on horseback with a large pack of dogs is in no way cruel – go figure)

  5. ordered my samick last night so im watching as many videos as I can to comfort the 2-5 day delivery time , ugh ……great video man

  6. Hey I have a question, whenever I first buy this bow, or any recurved bow. Would it be ok to just start out shooting arrows that are made for compounds? or it would be a better option just to go ahead and buy the bear weather rest?

  7. Would you recommend this bow for small game to maybe a deer hunting? or do you have a recurve bow you'd suggest for off grid camping and hiking?

  8. as well as those aluminums are flying that's what I would be hunting with. heavy arrow+sharp broadhead = passthrough= short tracking job

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