Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

hi so I'm going to do a review today of the sound mix age takedown recurve bow and here it is I'm going to do a quick review a close up of the riser and everything and then I will go to the archery range and show you how it shoots so this is an amazing bow for a beginner it definitely is you could use it for simple target practice and you could also use this hunting there it's a no tools takedown oh so um you could buy limbs that range from 25 pounds to 60 pounds so as you gain your strength you could keep I'm replacing the limbs the limbs cost approximately from about 69 dollars to about 74 dollars the bow I bought this on Amazon for 139 and that is just about the same price almost anywhere else you would be looking and almost every place you look online there'll be just hundreds of amazing views on this bow so it's one that you should get as I said you can replace the limbs the limbs are made out of maple and black fiberglass and then we have the visor it's a really beautiful laminated riser made out of olive and meatball it has the brass machines for a plunger a stabilizer and a sight so if you want to add those it's ready to go and the riser it is a pretty I mean it's a pretty substantial riser it has a really great balance and and it is it is pretty heavy opposed to other ones I did a review on the Martin re alder bow that is much lighter but that alder bow is 54 inches and as should have mentioned before the Samak stage is 62 so thus you will also need a 58 inch string which does come with it as everyone knows right do a 62 inch bow you need a string that's 4 inches shorter so the less you need the 58 inch so yes I believe that's pretty much all I could say about the bow as far as you know that the close-up is showing you what it looks like it is it is a really beautiful bow and um oh yes as you could see it's actually you know it's me to shoot off the shelf which I do but I also have these two things here just to prevent the arrow is from scraping that riser since is so nice so okay well that's the general overview and let's go to the park and do some sure you see how it does

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  1. Hello! Please tell, how many wood layers between fiberglass layers in your limbs of Samick Sage? I bought my sage (45#) in 2018, maybe it is new revision, but in my limbs there is only one basic wooden layer, but my samick polaris limb is consist of two basic layers of wood between fiberglass layers. Also a read on – "The ORIGINAL Sage takedown recurve riser is becoming the Galaxy Sage! The Galaxy Archery team includes designers and archers who developed the original Sage design nearly a decade ago using Samick as the manufacturer and brand. During 2018, Sage bows purchased from Lancaster Archery Supply may bear Samick or Galaxy branding. Galaxy Archery principals own the trademark rights on the Sage name and will continue to support both Samick Sage and Galaxy Sage models." – but my sage has label-medal with "Samick Sage" not "Galaxy Sage"

  2. Great bow for the money for sure. I have one in 40# with an Axion fiber optic sight shooting off the shelf and I love it. I cant wait to harvest a deer with it. :). Great review.

  3. I have a Sage with 55lb. limbs and it shoots great ,I no longer shoot instinctive o started gap shooting last year and I am alot more consistant. I enjoy watching you I think I am going to subscribe

  4. Nice review, thank you. I picked up the same bow from Amazon about three weeks ago. While I have been shooting since I was a teenager I still find it a great bow and love shooting it. I feel it goes well beyond just a great beginners bow.
    Enjoy your bow and keep the videos coming.

  5. Thank you for your review AF!  Will you please do a video of shooting your samick sage recurve? Thank you!

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