31 Replies to “Saracen Archery: 3 arrows in 1 ½ seconds.”

  1. This was 2011 ….hopefully by July 2019 he has a better camera……he is considerably faster in shooting in 2019…curving arrows around obstacles to hit targets…RESPECT!

  2. What I would do is get a compact stable quiver and grab arrows bunch and shoot quickly the grab another bunch of arrows then repeat

  3. This is because archers need to rain hell randomly on the enemy. This actually is more efective when the enemies charge

  4. Bravo vous êtes un très bon Archer
    Vous avez mis à l'évidence que le tir à l'instinct est vraiment formidables. Bravo à votre recherche biographique des archers et de leurs méthodes. Vos démonstration sont formidables, continuer

  5. The two bows were designed for different methods of combat, the Mongolian recurves and other such bows were designed for mobility and agility, while the longbows were designed for power and range, both were deadly weapons in hands of soldiers trained for them.
    I hope this helps you people!

  6. Sir Andersen, i would like to start practicing (i want to do this for years) what kind of bow would you suggest for (beginner) me to start with ? Thanks..

  7. I have no knowledge of archery other than that of books or movies, I'm wondering whether the bow Lars is using would actually dealt a fatal blow to a deer or human? It seems to me that theirs not enough power behind the bow for it to be tactically effective, bow enthusiasts please let me know

  8. That is Skill , my humble friend ! Not luck! Magnificent shooting ! Subscribing in under 1.5 seconds !

  9. i very inspired by Lars. i try his technique but holding arrows betwen ur finger is too heavy. is is Lars using lighter Arrow for this texhnique

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