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  1. Lars Andersen used modified nocks ( much wider than modern/normal ones) and puts a lot of arrows between the same fingers. That makes it a lot faster to shoot and a lot easier to nock. Boom, mystery solved.

  2. U use 3 movements to fire 2 arrows…on the right side of the bow. If u have an arrow rest on the left side of the bow. U can rest the arrows on that side and fire pinching the knocks between your hand and finger tips

  3. U hold 3 arrows between your middle and index finger. And the side of the fletching has nothing to do with it. U are shooting instinctively. So you are winging it with every shot….accurate or not. Also shooting on the left side of the bow is just as easy as shooting on the right sight of the bow…if you know what your doing.

  4. The details…. how about 'texture' the end of the shaft behind the fletching so that part of the shaft is not smooth and slippery… easier to hold with odd fingers multiple shafts..

  5. I find it interesting, but incorrect. The techniques you say are wrong, one of the best manuals to practice oriental styles (Persia, Iraq, Syria), is the manual of Muhammad Zamán, or the techniques of the Persian razmafzar of Khorani.

  6. Hey bro hit me up on Instagram so we can collaborate on speed shooting methods. I was on a USA team for archery and have lots of archery background I’d love to work on some new stuff. Instagram:pylescameron

  7. Son , your skill is awesome, but I have another question, which bow would you use for hunting and why ?

  8. Sorry my friend but you have no idea in the slightest about shooting a bow. I wish you well in your endeavours and hope one day you can become a proficient archer. Until that day you should NOT be making "instructional" videos on archery.

  9. Lars using arrows with two flights fletchers and not with three. You have more difficulty to fund the knock withers three fletch flight arrow than with two flight fletch arrwo

  10. The arrow rest is so you dont slice your hand when a high speed fletching drags over it… hence the hand guard your mideavle archers were on the bow hand. you would kno that if you had a bow with any real draw weight to it, n not just just your Fisher price 15 lb you got there. Not to mention if you shoot like me and cant your bow to one side especially on horse back, doesn't your arrow fall off??

  11. Handle rest for long shots, right side for quick shots… it’s a bold statement calling everyone noobs when your most likely past your bed time.

  12. i have waching your youtube channel and I like your bow where you buy my be i can buy that bow like you and how many LBS..🏹

  13. You can’t forget arib archery 🏹 it’s better in my opinion cause they could shoot an enemy behind a wall using the wind and they also use speed shooting so better in my opinion

  14. Instead of moving the second arrow to the first postion, why not just train with where and how it is already (the middle and ring finger)?

  15. While parts of technique and draw style may be lacking, you were fucking born to be a teacher / presenter! Keep doing tutoring vid's for the world to see!

  16. I was going to join the critical trolls but then I saw the LotR poster late in the video, and I understand fascination when I see it. Keep practicing and become a master someday 🙂

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