1. Ashley looks so happy and pretty without Nate. But I hope you will focus on making yourself happy and putting yourself first before everything. We are proud of you.

  2. Is it just me or as an equestrian I hate people who are scared to feed the horse, pet the horse, see the horse . Like wtf. It's not a freaking tiger.

  3. Who put her on a horse? She can’t even lead it around without holding her hands high in the air. Just relax.

  4. Her heels were pointed up at first but then she corrected it and she looked really good for a beginner. And sunny was so fricken pretty I love buckskin paints

  5. you’re afraid to trot😂 try cantering or galloping! or jumping! sure it’s not for everybody but glad you enjoyed it! it’s my only freedom I never get sick of it

  6. hope you had fun! i have been riding since I was 3 except I ride English and jump and show. like if you ride too!

  7. Bruh, I ride my horse for like 2-3 hours and my butt feels great haha. Or maybe it's just cause you are not used to riding horses and you are still getting used to the feeling of a saddle. I'm an English rider but, western is a lot more comfortable😋

  8. no offence but i hate people that can't pronounce Equestrian, it pisses me off because horses have helped us for thousands of years but still people disrespect them

  9. I kinda like it better with nate because just because they fight doesn't mean that she's not happy ok inside and I think it will probably be better if they dont fight over stupid stuff . but I still love you guys Ashley and mate I hope you guys get back together

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