Schola Gladiatoria military sabre fencing – Wenzhe vs Matt

Schola Gladiatoria military sabre fencing – Wenzhe vs Matt

hi guys Matthew Stern here so here we have about between Wednesday and myself add a regular class on Tuesdays we're fencing from engaging guard that's high secand wednesy guys were cut number one of my head our guard you can see Wendy's here flavoring and low guard known as Tess and I've gone down to match him also in task and I'm just trying to fill them out and fire find openings there I managed to find an opening to his underarm underneath his sword arm and hit him in it you can see I'm threatening over the top of his blade with thrusts to try and tie his arm out and also create openings I'm also trying to tempt him to attack me with default reports to my head which I can then report back to him with again threatening over at the top so he raises his arm up this is tiring his shoulder but also looking for openings and sometimes a feint can turn into an attack that's an important lesson to take if someone gets complacent about your face then you create openings for real attacks into the same line in always trying to probe and find openings tire Wendy's arm out he comes at me but I moved backwards tries a fairly simple cut number one but I essentially move out of distance I didn't really need to guard that one again he's trying to close me down but I'm just maintaining distance and you'll notice I'm in cut here there we go looking down at the had guarding the inside line comes back up with a high line but I noticed he's not very strong in it so I immediately attacked with a thrust at the face he tries to thrust under my blade fairly easy to defend fresh downwards and there I noticed previously he was lifting his hand up a bit higher with an inside guard so I fainted at his head and then just changed the angle slightly so I came down and hit was it guarded there I made sure I found that his terse his hand was a little bit low in his guarding and so I managed to clip him on the head on the outside his that when his rear hand has a tendency to drift out he clipped me on the sword on there so when you see I tried to indicate the camera when I get hit it's a bit clearer for you guys with that was actually a double I think and there Wendy just missed the guard slightly in it yeah there's a sort of double I think we clipped each other sword arms not a very good hit for either part it wouldn't stuck either of us fighting Wendy's in a medium guard here threatening with the point and it's always a bit unpredictable the medium guard you don't really know what a person's trying to do so that's why I start playing with his blade trying to get him to move out that guy and eventually works and he goes back to the high seconf that you can see we're just shifting guys looking for positions and I fainted high and went low – when's his thigh and he's trying to manipulate my point to create an opening but it's a little bit predictable in this case they're both in cart they're interesting Wendy did a circular disengage that come around my brain that was a bind and rust in opposition – when's his face when's he doing some small beeps on my blade there and I found over the top of his guard and thrust him to the armpit that I tempted him to repost at my head what she did I parried that and then hid below and I did the same thing they're my favorite things to do is trying to panic someone into reposting at the head which is what most people tend to do then you catch through very quickly and return from it just a number of faints put into succession – then his eternal life cheers folks thank you for watching please subscribe follow us on Facebook you can buy t-shirts through Spreadshirt support us on patreon or follow us on Pinterest thank you

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  1. This is one of my favorite videos. I'd love more like this from your view with the commentary. Hugely entertaining and informative.

  2. This is orders of magnitude greater than music and certainly better than silence. Thank you for getting it right. 🙂

  3. Feints are the best. The first sabre fight I had against my instructor, i beat him instantly with the easiest feint. Cut 2 at face, stop, disengage under and thrust to chest.

  4. Wow. This was a fun video to watch. I think we'd all like many more of these videos. I'm sure they're not super entertaining to edit and do commentary, though.

    Side question: if I wanted to do HEMA with a longsword, would I need to buy my own or would I be able to use one at a centre? I don't know if it's standard for a centre to carry spares for newbies. If I'd need to buy one, how would I make sure it's safe for practising?

  5. Just a question, would you recommend sparring with wooden or even plastic swords, what can I get from using wood or plastic before using steel, or would steel be best because of its closer to the real thing?

  6. Hi Matt. I'm hugely interested in starting HEMA, and just wondering where exactly you and your school are based ?
    I'm From Lancashire, and it would seem we are without a local HEMA school.

  7. So… Seeing this makes me realise how far kingdom come deliverance is from actual swordsmanship.
    But the problem is that videogames will always be slow and clunky… because actual swordsmanship is… too fast. Real swordsmanship is faster than the human eye can appreciate. Most of the input is tactile and proprioceptive, a thing which I think is known as "sentiment du fer", and as long as electronics can't simulate proprioception, we will never be able to be proefficient with a sword in a videogame.

  8. Haven't been able to find it on other videos/comments, pardon if I'm just blind when searching, does anyone know what brand of practice sabre they're using? Or could anyone direct me to the video where he mentions it?

  9. Matt, I've had an itch for these kind of videos for so long, and it has just been scratched! Keep em coming!

  10. Most people spar in a straight line back and forth, I wonder if its not more effective to circle your opponent like a modern boxer or mixed martial artist. Any insight on that idea?

  11. hi matt. what do you think of the sword fighting advice at the start of the film kindon of heaven? La Poste Di Falcone

  12. It seems like a lot of non practitioners enjoy this format, which is great. As a practitioner I actually find this extremely useful, since while simple sparring footage can be awesome, knowing what your intent is/what you're looking for during any given point makes it much easier to apply what I see. Thanks for doing this, and I hope you do more similar content in the future! 😀

  13. I am wondering what kind of camera set up you are using in this video? I assume its a go pro but what kind of mount? I haven't seen any that look like they would mount on a mask.

  14. If you're going to do these, the commentary changes it dramatically. Makes it more interesting. If it was silent, I might watch it for a minute or two then click away.

  15. This was super cool. It would also be cool to see more weapons on top of military sabre like rapier or long sword or anything really

  16. Really enjoyed the play by play. Although you really picked him apart! I'd like to see a fight that was a little more even. I know it would be way more work (getting another camera, syncing the footage and editing) but I'd love to see the fight from both sides!

  17. Excellent combination of POV video and commentary. It really helps beginners like me understand what I should be thinking about and looking for during sparring. Thanks Matt 😀

  18. when are we going to see "Matt Vs Sorry excuse for a street mugger with a boxcutter who has no idea what he just got himself into"

  19. I'm sure there must be a way to use lateral movement to your advantage in sword fighting. Innovate guys, I love the videos but it does really resemble sport fencing at the moment.

  20. +1 for the commentary. Would love to see the same from Fight Camp. Maybe have you and your opponent analyse the fight separately, then together.

  21. Absolutely fantastic work there. Matt, how much were you trying? Because I noticed in some of the videos from the sideline when you and other higher level HEMA people are fighting in competition, I can barely follow the blows. But here it wasn't a problem.

  22. Thank you for this, Matt. There are some details such as tiring his arm out in purpose which I wasn't even aware it was a thing in a fight

  23. Hi Matt, I have the feeling that those practice sabres are rather thin and that most historical sabre models would be heavier and have a lot more more cutting power, is that correct? Like most of the antiques you have

  24. I have a few questions about HEMA and medieval combat in general.1) steps. I still haven't fully learned stepping (I'm trying to do solo footwork drills from Guy Windsor's "The Swordsman's Companion"), but from just looking around at the basics, I'm slightly unsure about when to use different steps. When would lunging vs passing footwork be used? What's the difference between the lunging and the gathering step? Sorry if these are all simple questions; I'm just slightly confused.2) I'm curious about armored combat. There are a couple of things I've heard and I'm not sure if they're true. First, HEMA practitioners don't usually do armored combat because actual armored combat techniques would often injure or kill your opponents (if you don't know what you're doing or have an accident). This makes sense, but I'm not certain. Second, wrestling/ringen was more common in armored combat than in unarmored (pretty sure this is true) and it was a very viable technique to try to break your opponent's neck or other bones during armored combat (not sure about this one; I can't easily find stuff on this using a search engine). Thanks, and I love your videos (well, personally I'd prefer less cussing, but that's just me, and I'm not really complaining because I watch them anyway 😛 )Cheers from America 😀

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