Schools' Niche Programmes – Fencing & Air Pistol

Schools' Niche Programmes – Fencing & Air Pistol

fencing a pistol my hobby my passion it started when I was introduced to the spot I attended a trial and was selected I try holding the saber I picked up an air pistol and liked it very much very soon it became a CCE I began to practice it seriously I trained in a good environment my friends are like me we share a common interest my cultures are professional my coaches are all experienced I get good exposure true local championships overseas training camps and international competitions I am thankful for my school's confidence in me and my parents support for what I do fencing is very different from other sports and program I know I am pursuing a very unique skill it requires strategies and challenges need to think on my feet the anticipation when getting ready to take a shot really requires mental strength when I step into the piece I try to keep my mind sharp facing the target board helps me focus and challengers need to be at my desk at all times fencing is both a physical and mental sport I have to focus to strike at the right time to make a good shot I learned how to cope with my emotions and persevere in mecha-suit of excellence I wanted to represent Singapore in the next Olympics I want to excel in one room in fencing in air pistol my potential is realized my passion is ding nectar my name is Ashley passer is Christ secondary school my name is Olivia westbr in secondary school and I have one ish

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  1. The video could have avoided monotony by featuring a girl and a boy. It sounds like one person talking here.

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