Scouting Buck Bedding and Predator Control | Bowhunt or Die Season 10 Episode 18

Scouting Buck Bedding and Predator Control | Bowhunt or Die Season 10 Episode 18

hey everybody welcome to another episode of bow hunter die before we get into the meat of this show I want to tell you about a cool new feature we just added on bowhunting comm recently it's called ask the experts now I know Todd and myself aren't always experts on everything that's why we call them PJ Riley from Lancaster archery so if you guys have any questions for Todd myself PJ or anyone else on our staff or the Lancaster archery staff make sure you log on to bow hunting comm fill out that form and we will do our best to answer your questions the first one we got was from Jacob I'm not even gonna try to pronounce your last name Jacob asks how do you guys try to combat mosquitos during the early season while trying to remain scent free and I can tell you that is almost an impossibility so in my case we're doing everything that we typically do for scent control so we're washing in sent away we're spring down with sent away we are using scent lock that is really going to keep your human odor to a minimum as far as the mosquitos go in my experience thermos oh man thermos sells the greatest invention ever made for hunting when there's mosquitoes out in my experience the deer don't really seem to mind the smell too much as long as it doesn't smell like a human they don't seem to mind it so just do your normal Sun control routine spray down shower where your scent lock and you should be good and just make sure you don't forget the refills for the thermos oh because believe me if that thing runs out halfway during an early season hunt in September you will wish you had the refills with you so that is my answer for that question guys remember to log on to the website ask us more questions and with that said now we're going to dive into a couple of fun summertime segments with Tim Ainsworth and Royce Boehm let's check them out [Applause] [Applause] I'm always waiting on the princess alright hey guys it's June 30th and Tim and I are out here at the farm in Northwest Illinois and as you can see it's wet but fortunately was like 90 degrees now it's about 70 low 70s so make it manageable alright so we're out here gonna do the absolute no no well what of what a lot of people say is don't go into the bedding area but last year now after hunting buzz and successfully harvesting him and I'm still super happy about that monster buck weather we had a lot of other deer as Tim and I were huntin that we picked up some intel on and where they're coming out from so what we're gonna do here today and with this rain which would be a perfect cover is we're gonna head in we're gonna use a stealth gxw a wireless camera and we've got hmes 12 volt solar powered batteries are gonna hook up to it so what we can do is set it up in there get Intel and never have to go in and disturbed is gonna send pics right to my phone so we're gonna get all packed up here spray down with bug spray and we're gonna make our way out put a few cameras out and hopefully start getting some Intel this year both win or die alright guys so we're headed back to go get one of those gxw is that Troy I was talking about just back here in the woods and realized that it was too wet back here for the farmer to plant so he planted beans out in the big field but we got nothing here so if we have some time we're both pretty busy with family Troy's got school we're gonna come out here and throw some antler King I'm thinking some turnips maybe some peas and some rye but hopefully we can find some time here get a good spring and let it dry out and get a food plot in here just over my shoulder here is a nostalgic area that Troy and I call the loveseat since we've been hunting together we can fit two of us up there and we've had some great memories up there so hopefully we can get some antler King in here go with the nostalgic loveseat and kill a monster this fall let's get back there and get that gxw sorry guys we just pulled up to the spot what do we call this Tim I don't think we had a mean deflection when they caught all the woods basically where we are and we've got the gxw here and right behind us about 15 yards we have our lone wolf set that we throw up last year we hunted a few times had some doze and I did have some decent activity on this but it just wasn't as consistent as we're hoping for and as soon as we moved to the north and to the west we started seeing a whole lot more activity so that's what we're going to do with this we're gonna try and get into their bedding and set it up to the northwest of here then we're gonna actually try and put stands we have to to the west that's where we have the beginner and we have what's the other one back stand which is my favorite where I killed a buck two years ago and then we're gonna go straight north along the fence line where they seem to be going out in that green field that we showed you guys last year so we're really gonna just move closer in their bed in here we're gonna use the gxw Wireless here to get that Intel so we don't have to go in and disturb it and then we'll decide what we want to do with this stance we'll probably made with SAS effective let's get moving here we are getting torn apart the solar doesn't really help it inside wish I know I had some alright guys so we were coming on the back of the property and just to see if we had a trail camera left here are those busy as Tim and I are with all the family sometimes we can't lose track things so there wasn't one however we just found these three trails that all come together just kind of reminded us how much activity is going on in this area so we do want to put up I'm gonna put up this new stealth cam 345 no go max and when we are sitting in the back stand which about 40 yards this way if you understand that's about 60 hours that way between Tim and I there's lots of bulk activity lots of deer activity back here so you can hear probably that the tollway is only about 300 yards but it's a perfect spot kind of pinches them back there's a bunch of bedding so anyways we want to get some Intel we're gonna set this thing up and we're gonna leave it I'm gonna put some lithium's in it and leave it sit for all the way till the fall and hopefully we can get some intel on what big bucks are back in there how about them with Eames yeah 25 bucks for a 12-pack we can literally go a full year oh wait without having a changing yeah that's right it's worth the money and that's where I'm putting lithium's and help so you don't have to come in and disturb the area especially if you're putting in the back and you don't can't afford to put out wireless but still works really well so I always suggest spend the extra 10 bucks on lithium's and that way you don't have to disturb good good spots with these things I prefer our property further out west where the mosquitoes don't exist kind of amazing it's competing two hours west and there's like no mosquitoes buffalo gnats true in ticks I shot that Kyle [Applause] Here I am packing up all the camera gear and he's taking off again it's like hunting with a small child alright guys well we're er to the area that Troy and I thought they were betting and all signs point to yes I got a couple beds here to my left at 5 yards the bed here to my right probably close to 50 behind the camera the problem is this area this bedding area is about a hundred yard radius and to try and pinpoint where the buck is bedding it's gonna require either random luck or us to come in here multiple times and move the camera and try and find out where he's coming in and moving out of but based off last year's Intel try and I had some great hunts where we were able to see a multiple of bucks head into a green field that's maybe a hundred yards here behind me so our plan is we know he's betting in this hundred-yard radius and that he heads to the green field here behind us so what we're going to do is follow the trails that come out of this bedding area and back toward that green field and try and find a pinch point where we can capitalize on him being there so let's uh grab the stealth cams and head in that direction and see if we can find a better area to get some more Intel nice on this see how these are dead and there's an open spot that's in your head this is a pad that's you can see the green field what is that 100 yards perfect spot you get a south wind which is directly behind the camera that's blown over their backs and they got a good view of what's coming up in front of them hence why we're gonna set up figure out a spot and set up our stand to the east and north right the southwest winds predominantly around here that way we can come up come from the east there's multiple spots where the fence is down they're not gonna they're gonna prefer to take the lazy route go through the holes not jump the fence so if we can find one of those holes let's walk that direction till we find it dude this is the spot your dad and I hung a tree stand right here actually we're at Roy's dad and I hung after Troy killed buzz you know we hunted that swamp corner pretty hard trying to go after buzz and once Troy killed it we had enough Intel to know here we're coming in and out of this fence we followed that trail all the way from the bedding that we were just in and it comes right here to this hole in the fence follow me I'll show you where they're coming through so right here is the hole in the fence you can see it's super worn down we were very apprehensive of moving in on these deer because we didn't know where they were bedded after Troy killed buzz we had a pretty good idea just based off hunting it five or six times they continually come from this direction or farther west so Don Troy and I Troy dad and I hung the stand knowing that we could get in here without causing too much of a disturbance after finding the bedding area today and following the trail back here I think we're in a good spot to put that Wireless cam so let's get this baby hung hopefully Troy will have some pictures of some nice velvet bucks here in your future all right well so here's a spot when Tim saw buzz what like a week earlier yeah Alex five days where he came out and walked out in that green field so we knew he was in this area we knew he was kind of making his way out to the green field and well I was all we were doing we were hunting to stand about I don't know what's two hundred yards probably the East is just hoping that he would make a mistake you can come that direction well that happened to be me I was the lucky hunter on October 18th hey should know that cuz was my daughter's birthday so but now that he's dead it's time to move on the next week there are five shooters they were definitely coming out with him that we saw in these fields between Tim and I got some good footage so now we're gonna have the Intel we got the wireless camp set up over here I'm gonna get this cleared out real quick and we're done for the day we're gonna be going home to the family so good little day got some good rain should cover up all our stink and until next time Oh run or die [Applause] all right everybody well happy fourth of July it's actually July third and with tomorrow being off and the fourth of July Tim and I decided to come out tonight and that exercised our independence and right to bear arms so we're gonna take the Dana to defense tdm4 out and see if we can't put down a coyote so we're here at the farm in northwest Illinois we're just here this weekend put up a few cameras just put out a wireless one actually just yesterday or this morning had a fawn I think there maybe yesterday go through we're gonna go try and protect that font see if we can get lucky but down the Khayyam here we go just happen those trees right there thank you yeah alright one ko down that didn't take very long I'm surprised he came into all those like that kayo back call it's crazy there's a park yeah but he came flying across the beans I happen to see him on to the right and attention-deficit I covered his ears get here what what one down though yeah well we're gonna go back to that locator out that's what it's called but luckily I could put it in the favorites coyote locator one as we found one with Drew we used it so let's try that again all right well you had the young pup come out and he came flying in to kind of that coyote I think it was a locator call but it had a few different coyotes calling anyways he came running straight across the field didn't stop and then he eyed our decoy out here those spinning around within 40 yards he slowed down just enough for me to take the shot so let's head on over and check him out major that's me that that small mm-hmm all right that's amateur Kyle for Troy yeah that's all I do shoot your guys's not take it all right well here he is thought it was a young one but actually maybe that's just because it came in so fast but pretty mature male and definitely won no matter what is out here eating our fawns and well during the season unfortunately eating our deer after we shoot him so another one out of the pack we probably could take another 20 out just to barely do a dent but that's what we're looking to do tonight we had some success had some fun and one more fawn may be safe yes for sure we still got a lot planned for this summer guys we're going to do a couple more soil health segments we got our hit list and before you know it October's going to be here happy Independence Day to everybody stay safe spend time with the family and most importantly go on a diet well I know it wasn't an archery hunt but you got to love those guys going out and shooting a coyote during summer time congratulations to them they set out with a goal shoot some coyotes during the summer and hopefully help their deer population and they got some trail cameras out too so congrats to temperature they're having a very productive summer guys next up we want to take just a couple seconds here to thank the people who sent in their photos for this week's episode Logan girl off raul sanchez tyler carter morgan Dell's ryan edwards and william fountain all right everybody this week's winner is tyler carter flash this photo up here for me guys this in my opinion is almost the perfect trophy photo he's smiling the deers posed nicely he's got his bow in the picture take know and everybody that is how you take a good trophy photo so congratulations Tyler make sure you get your info to us we will get you that HS prize package we've got some buck balm stuff to give you we've got some sent away stuff to give you make sure you send us your information guys if you want to see yourself here in an episode of bow hunter die use that hashtag bow hunter die on social media my boy Brad will look through the photos he'll pick out some of the best ones for the show and then me or Todd will pick the winner so since to everybody again some great trophy photos guys that's all we've got for this week's episode of bow hunter dive we will be back next week it is food plot planting season Todd and myself are going out early part of next week to get some fall plots in the ground so and check some trail cameras hopefully I've got a couple bucks worth pursuing this fall who knows but we are going to be doing that next week so make sure you tune in right here next week I'm Bo hunter dot and what's up everybody welcome to another episode of bow hunter die now before we begin I want to tell you about you wanted to tell you about you either Baudette

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  1. I have a question , while studying a new property on a topic map or google maps. How do you determine if it’s a mature forest or a thicket ? Thanks for any advice .

  2. Antler King doesnt sell Rye. Ryegrass yes but not Rye grain which is actually a legit food plot seed.

  3. Hey Troy can you give some details on your DDM4, what barrel and stock and scope did you go with? That is a sweet looking gun!

  4. I would love to see a set of segments taking a raw piece of land to a respectable place to hunt and the differences between the South (South/Central Alabama) and the States that are normally featured on BHOD.
    One more idea, food plots on a budget.
    Love the show and look forward to each new episode.

  5. I spray all my early season gear down with Permethrin, let it dry and it help with Mosquitoes, ticks and stuff

  6. One less coyote, no one will miss it. I was winded while using the Thermocell (had to be the thermocell, couldn't possibly have smelled me!)

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