Sebastian Vettel and Twizy Renault Sport F1

Sebastian Vettel and Twizy Renault Sport F1

first time in all-electric car so it's funny without no noise strange atmosphere yeah so quiet yeah yeah it would be like relaxing so yeah listen hello welcome it's a great honor yeah obviously a nice to be a guest center here in Paris a little bit of a launch of the two zf1 it's a special project to fit in a polar one kurse system internally I had some labs around test track yeah it was fun how powerful the curse system is obviously I get to experience it every two weeks now just imagine it quite impressive kind of model with some features from from and elements from a Formula One car if you look at the steering wheel if you look outside you know you've got the slick tires the rear wing the front wing so yeah a nice car to have some fun and a nice opportunity today

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  1. Utter garbage. My Springer Spaniel could design a nicer looking car, and put a proper engine in it to boot!

  2. How fast is Twizy F1? With this small car (with slow one) someone who working in big factory can drive from one part of factory to other wich is 300 or 500 meters.

  3. driving a car like that is like fucking a fat girl… it's nice experience but you don't want your friends to know that

  4. Vettel was impressed with this little toys! What about if he had driven a Tesla or even better the Tesla Roadster or a Rimac 😀

  5. It's a excellent car, but they should simple upgrade it. The doors without windows is really confusing. Why would 2 doors really needed if 1 door with windows could be so much better. Many people are also with their privacy stuffs and also when they are doing shopping, they can't carry with them along. And about the heating for the cold and even for cooling they could attach some solar system on the roof.

  6. Incredible display of tech from one of the very few manufacturers that has the ability & the will to build it. To the detractors – don’t comment on what you can’t comprehend- you just embarrass yourself with your ignorance.

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