41 Replies to “Sebastian Vettel's Guide To Hockenheim | 2019 German Grand Prix”

  1. Hope is the last to die… you have phenomenal talent to drive Sebastian. I hope you will reach top 5 tomorrow, or of course even better.

  2. 1:14 Great respect for Vettel! He said what happened last year without any problem. He is a great Champion, and I think he could win The race in front of his fans….Come on Captain!

  3. Why did they have to destroy the track?!!! I don't like the "New" Track, Bring back the old section!! Nothing like going over 200MPH through the Woods to grandmas house! LMFAO Yes, I know, no where to sit and watch the racing action through that section and nowhere to put TV Camera to cover the racing action through there either. Or should I say the lack of racing action through that section. lol

  4. really wishing that SV gets a win at Hockenheim this year. all this talk about retirement, this would reviteolise the man.

  5. What better way to introduce the German circuit than that bit ch na zzi Vettel.
    "He's a real Doooooooosh!" – Nacho Libre circa 2006

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