20 Replies to “SECOND DERAILMENT IN 3 WEEKS! 7/26/2019 Horseshoe Curve, PA”

  1. hello rail yard, who put that train together. Joe raise his hand. Hey, dont you also work for RJ Corman? Maybe!!!!!

  2. Maybe commenters should scroll through first so that they’ll know that 10 or 12 people already said “put the center beams at the back.”

  3. Due to railfan pressure, Horseshoe Curve is renamed to Derailment Hill Curve after the 3rd derailment in 6-weeks.
    NS spokesperson has no comment.

  4. Totally avoidable after the recent accident. I'm amazed and disappointed that this was allowed to be repeated.

  5. If you look at the track superstructure in the US compared to Europe, then it will only be bad and bad. Unfortunately, derailment is the rule in the US, because of old wooden sleepers, nailed rail clamps and bad track!

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