49 Replies to “See soccer star's reaction to tossed banana”

  1. That was Gangster Daniel son. Whoever threw that should have got jumped by his fellow fans… Like why would you throw the opps energy?

  2. "I don't know who threw the banana, but I'd want to thank him. It gave me energy to give 2 more crosses that ended up in a goal" -Dani Alves

  3. wait….but WHY of all things to throw, would you throw a banana at some player you don't like?
    You could have thrown something else, maybe? I'm not saying that it's good to throw things at people, just when you can throw many things at someone, WHY A BANANA??????????????

  4. But Jewish CNN, didn't the Jewish Government of Israel just kill about 60 Palestinians? So why are you condemning a banana? I mean, Italians have the Right to do as they please in their own country. Oy, Vey. Israel has a Jewish Only immigration policy, so we Italians need to do as the Jews do, not what the Jews say!

  5. Jewish Run CNN will not condemn Israel for how they treat Palestinians! Too much of the media is controlled by Jews!

  6. CNN is Extreme, Far Left Communist News. While the Jewish Controlled Media tries to make you white people feel guilty over some hecklers, listen to what happened to White Female Reporter—-Katie Hopkins—who was just recently arrested in South Africa for hate speech. She was reporting on the genocide of White Farmers there, and the black government had her arrested. Even if all the whites in South Africa, only you white people will be called the (R) Word!!

  7. Jesus christ… someone threw a banana for him to eat, he needs the energy. It was a good deed, not something racist

  8. Racism in football is not present in all the world as is saying this english journalist. it is the case only mainly in racist England, racist Russia, racist Italy. In many countries such as Germany, you have almost any racism. England and Italy are known to be very very racist towards black players though. England has deep racism problems for so many years and centuries. English just dont accept it.

  9. Wonderful to see how one's enemies actions can help make him a millionaire (i.e fan is paying to make the footballer rich) and still buys him a snack! I can take a guess which team won the match!

  10. Has Jewish Run,  Fake News CNN condemned the Black Man who just stabbed to death a White woman in London?   remember these words:   Only White People are called racist by communist fake media

  11. I have to say, I've never really liked Alves as he seems arrogant, and likes to start trouble. But after watching him deal with this racist bullshit I have a newfound respect for the guy. His response was brilliant.

  12. You snow flakes that think throwing fruit at people is racist…need to get a Fucking life. You people sound stupid, immature and quite bored. Seriously, when my kids get bored….they come up with some of the dumbest shit ever as well.

  13. Fake News crying over a banana. To my fellow Italians, be racist! We don't need to be around black people.

  14. The only reason why i dont like eating bananas anymore because of the woman who suck on bananas banana has been ruined for me

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